Battle For Brunch

This was a morning of brief showers alternating with bright sunshine giving way to a gloomy afternoon.

As we drove out of our front garden I noticed that Félicité Perpétue is thoroughly confused about whether she is six months early to bloom, or six months late.

We started along the coast road where a couple walked along the clifftop and the Isle of Wight and The Needles sparkled beneath a moody skyscape. Soon we returned back up Downton Lane where we

noticed tractor tyre tracks leading to the stubble of Roger Cob’s field.

We were setting off to Lakeside Café at nearby Bashley for brunch, after which we intended to continue a forest drive. This was to take some time waiting for various traffic holdups and diversions to clear. Our blocked lanes were too narrow for us to see why vehicles in front kept exercising three or four point turns.

On Hordle Lane we eventually saw the police had closed the road because a van had mounted the verge, crossed a small garden, and ended up in a field. Backtracking we tried Arnewood Bridge Road

where an enormous Bugler Coach, far too big for the road, had stopped traffic in both directions as it tried to negotiate a bend. I have imported this different model from the company website.

Finally we were ensnared on Silver Street where the Honda in front of us skilfully negotiated a turn leaving us enough room to follow suit and pass the tailback who had no idea what they would soon encounter.

A rainbow blessed us on Brockenhurst Road and we eventually

reached our goal where I tucked into a beef burger and chips while Jackie enjoyed her cheese and onion toastie and matching crisps.

When we arrived rain fell filling the lakes and the muddy pools on the approaching gravel paths. Each fisher sported a large umbrella unfurled as we left for home, pausing en route to observe

the waterfowl on the banks of Ballard Lake.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s succulent lemon chicken, her colourful savoury rice; tender broccoli stems; and tangy macaroni cheese with which she drank Wairau Cove Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2022, and I drank Paarl Shiraz 2022.