Antipodean Visitors

Warm sunshine was the order of the day. Jackie spent much time in shade tending to potted plants, many of which have survived the winter but needed shaves and haircuts. She has suspended some of these from the lopped cypress. My contribution to the general maintenance was a little watering, weeding, and transporting debris toContinue reading “Antipodean Visitors”

Reflective Mood

It wasn’t until about 4 p.m. the afternoon that I realised on glancing through the window beside my desk that the sun had made a fleeting appearance as, against the still indigo skies, it lit the pink rambling rose rising from the front trellis. Its deeper pink companion soared above the porch, and the firstContinue reading “Reflective Mood”

Parts I Haven’t Been Able To Reach

On a hot, sunny, afternoon, aided by a crutch, I walked down the Brick Path to the top of the Back Drive, where Jackie provided me with three more perching spots. I couldn’t resist periodically stopping en route for a few shots from a standing position, sans crutch. Once settled at the top of theContinue reading “Parts I Haven’t Been Able To Reach”

A Tutorial

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This morning Jackie virtually completed her planting up of the pots and hanging baskets. Here are just a few of the numerous varieties of petunia, more of which feature in this shot of the Head Gardener’s Walk. The Shady Path also has its share of these andContinue reading “A Tutorial”

Defying Gravity

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today I divided my time between wandering idly around the garden hunting down piles of weeds and clippings deposited by the Head Gardener; transferring four barrowloads of compost from the south end of the garden to the ficus hole in the Dragon Bed; and, of course, makingContinue reading “Defying Gravity”

Félicité Perpétue

A white rambling rose that we rescued from the jungle, and that Jackie trained along the front garden fence last year, is now blooming rampantly. The head gardener has now identified it as Felicite Perpetue. Name that Plant website has this to say about its origins: Rosa ‘Félicité Perpétue’ is a delicate yet vigorous Rambler which has been knownContinue reading “Félicité Perpétue”