“I Need To Install A Plugin…….”

This morning the Chinese cabinet was collected by Oakhaven Hospice staff.

I then spent most of the day attempting to improve access to categorised blog posts for my readers. This involved creating

Categories List

which I managed to do with the help of a Happiness Engineer.

My next step was to begin changing the categories of relevant posts from 10 years going back to 9th May 2012. I began with “Payback” from 21st May. Now, there is no point in using the Books in the list because you won’t find it there. Should you feel so inclined you will find it on the link above.

So why couldn’t I add it to the Books in the Categories list? After struggling with it again after lunch, I girded my loins and sought more Happiness in a chat with an Engineer.

A lengthy exchange, involving an amount of checking with the adviser’s team resulted in the somewhat reassuring statement that I had taken all the right steps. Less reassuring was that the hopeful bestower of Happiness didn’t know what was wrong.

The important aspect at this stage was that the frustration/panic ensuing from thinking I was at fault subsided into the necessary patience.

Ultimately the problem turned out to be in my Jetpack which had to be fixed at their end and would require more time. I was asked why I had not activated my Jetpack Backup. I replied that I didn’t know what it was. For some reason it was “greyed out”. I was asked to check whether I saw the same. I did. I am to expect an e-mail tomorrow.

Readers may be relieved to know that I didn’t ask if “I need to install a plugin on your site to activate something on your backend” would be painful.

This evening we dined on roast pork; sage and onion stuffing; Yorkshire pudding, carrots, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and meaty gravy, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden, I drank Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2021, and Flo and Dillon drank fruit cordial.

Along Church Lane

Ten years ago yesterday I began this blog as a daily diary in order to keep my children up to date with my activities. Since then I have taken, different additional directions, largely stimulated by the encouragement and interests of a quite unexpected number of followers and friends from all over the world. Until comparatively recently all posts were uncategorised, making some subjects difficult for new and longer standing readers to track.

One development has been writing about books, often illustrated. This morning I embarked upon the task of changing the category of posts featuring observations about them. “Books” entries will often be found contained within the other activities of the day. A simple example of this is https://derrickjknight.com/2013/09/05/carthage/

Since I have to trawl through almost 4,000 posts to find these, I might take some time.

This afternoon Jackie drove me into the forest for a short trip.

We took the Sandy Down route to

Church Lane. The second of the above images shows a gentleman making good progress on his postprandial constitution; the first is a section at right angles to

a bridge over the stream reflected in the water’s surface.

The lane slopes up to St John the Baptist parish church, where the Ukrainian flag heard flapping in the churchyard on this otherwise silent afternoon adds an extra poignancy to the many others flying in our locality.

Beside the church, ponies crop the verdant fields.

English bluebells still thrive along the way,

between the ancient hedgerow banks along which gnarled roots are exposed.

This evening we dined on well cooked roast lamb; crisp roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing, and Yorkshire pudding; crunchy carrots; firm broccoli and cauliflower; mint sauce and meaty gravy, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Malbec.