Shadows And Reflections

This morning I made a good start on clearing the upstairs sitting room for occupation. The many pictures have been stacked up for final sorting – those for passing on, others which have frames that may be useful to Charity Shops, and those which can be ditched. Eventually various items of furniture will find theirContinue reading “Shadows And Reflections”

Along Church Lane

Ten years ago yesterday I began this blog as a daily diary in order to keep my children up to date with my activities. Since then I have taken, different additional directions, largely stimulated by the encouragement and interests of a quite unexpected number of followers and friends from all over the world. Until comparativelyContinue reading “Along Church Lane”

Robins In The Hedgerows

Ian returned to Southbourne for work this morning. After lunch Jackie and I drove to Tesco for some shopping, and continued into the forest. As we turned into Hordle Lane yellow-brown ochre clouds flung a hatful of every kind of precipitation at our windscreen as photographed by Jackie. Sleet and snow were lashed by briskContinue reading “Robins In The Hedgerows”

From Wilverley Plain To Rhinefield Road

After a morning’s further catching up with ourselves and reminiscing, Becky and Flo spent much of the day registering for NHS and banking services; shopping; and various other administrative matters. This afternoon Jackie drove me into the forest. I wandered among ponies on Wilverley Plain, where a group of potential surfers failed to keep aContinue reading “From Wilverley Plain To Rhinefield Road”

After Storm Eunice

By lunchtime the storm winds had dropped considerably, cotton clouds drifted across a bright, clear sky, and the sun maintained a presence. There is still no sign of power returning to Pilley. We accompanied Elizabeth to her home in order for her to gather up and leave out her rubbish for tomorrow’s collection, and theContinue reading “After Storm Eunice”

“We’ll Leave You Alone Now”

After lunch we took advantage of a spell of sunshine and drove into the forest. At the Roger Penny Way end of Cadnam Lane we stopped to converse with the pair of Gloucester Old Spots we often see there; and a robin that we don’t. Reflections rippled over the stream spanned by the road bridge.Continue reading ““We’ll Leave You Alone Now””

The Donkeys Didn’t Fancy It

After lunch Jackie drove us to Helen and Bill’s home at Fordingbridge to drop off a present. Attracted by a couple of large mushrooms on the verges at I disembarked and wandered along photographing, in addition, bracken nestling beside an oak trunk, and lichen attached to fallen twigs on the forest floor and decorating anotherContinue reading “The Donkeys Didn’t Fancy It”

Flies Are Now In Season

On another warm, humid, and largely overcast morning garden maintenance was continued. Jackie mostly concentrated on the Rose Garden, then produced her own gallery. It was the cricket on Absolutely Fabulous that sent her indoors for her camera. She also spotted a bee and a beetle on Rosa Gallica. Winchester Cathedral, For Your Eyes Only,Continue reading “Flies Are Now In Season”

“He’s After Us, Mum”

Today’s welkin canopy was a dismal, leaking, colander riddled with humid vapour. At mid-morning we drove to Hockey’s Farm Shop for brunch in their re-opened cafĂ©. The recently completed thatched roof across the road in Gorley Lynch bears effigies of a fox stalking a row of ducklings following their mother along the crown of theContinue reading ““He’s After Us, Mum””