Foal After Phone

I spent much of the day on recovering images for the following posts:

I won’t bore readers with the nature of the difficulties – you have heard it all before – save to say that Wayback Machine was once more helpful and that I had almost finished the work on the Scarecrow Festival one with its three dozen pictures, messed it up, and had to start again.

Late this afternoon Jackie and I took a forest drive.

A pony and her foal grazed on the verge of Forest Road.

On another soporific day there was not much more sign of life until we

reached Rockford Common where ponies and a foal were on their way to climb up the tarmac path beside the sand pit, first a valuable commercial quarry,

now a playground for children;

and a challenge for others to keep their feet ascending the crumbling sandhill.

Jackie watched a friendly foal advancing on a visitor’s phone.

At North Gorley soporific ponies seemed to seek coolth from a gentle breeze sweeping across the green – it was, however, rather a warm current.

The llama log that has never moved in all the years we have been driving past it, and claimed by Jackie as her own, is impervious to the heat.

On our return home we collected a Red Chilli Takeaway meal, with which Jackie and I both drank Bangla beer, and Flo and Ellie didn’t, the latter settling for pasanda sauce and mango chutney on crisp poppadoms.