Bisterne Scarecrow Festival Trail 2018


This afternoon Jackie and I followed:

Pokestop carries a Pokemon.

I just squeezed The Bisterne Royals into one frame.

Worzel is in trouble with Aunt Sally required a couple of shots, one from across the road.

We surmised he had been on the tiles with his next door neighbour who was Half Cut.

Head over Heels about Scarecrows also required a vantage point on the opposite side of the road.

Intergalactic Beastie Boys were suitably attired.

Rusty Diesel Engine is a reincarnation of other trains in previous years.

As happy as a Pig was made from a hay bale.

The stretch of Oh Look, there’s a Dragon required two frames,

and its recently hatched baby warranted her own.

Scary Crows lurked beside each other in the trees.

Baked Beans on Coast has to win any pun competition,

and the tins in the trees should not be missed.

2050 AD’s message seems to me to apply already. Don’t miss the crow in the fork.

History of Scarecrows is

most informative.

The Bells features Quasimodo.

Opposite this one children are invited to play Giant Conkers.

Nearby we find Stickman and his Family Tree.

A rather ancient patriarch sits beside a painting of Noah’s Ark.

Tom & Jerry and Unicorn Maneia share a patch of grass.

Poldark and Handsome looks to me as if he has had a sex change or maybe too much of the scrumpy beside him.

It doesn’t look as if Peter Rabbit is welcome.

Would that be The Last Straw?

After this marathon posting, I think I have earned the Wallhampton Arms carvery that the three of us are off to enjoy. I’ll no doubt drink Razor Back.

PS Note the link provided in koolkosherkitchen’s reblog comment. It provides fascinating additional illustrated history.


  1. These are above and beyond, Derrick!! Such ingenuity, I started by picking my favorite, then the best 2 and then it got out of hand as I scrolled down! Terrific!

  2. I can’t determine which one – or ones! – I like more, Dereck, but I’ve reblogged your post. Do you see me turning green with envy? I would’ve loved to have been there, so thank you for all these photos.

  3. So good! I can’t pick a favourite as they all have so much work and creativity going on. This must be the one I was comparing the earlier showing with Derrick? And the puns and word plays are as much fun as the models! You certainly do deserve your carvery meal – see you tomorrow 🙂

  4. They’re very clever and well done. Poldark and Handsome gets my vote for the corniest pun, or would be Baked Beans on Coast, or…. so many to choose from.

  5. Those are fascinating scarecrows made peppier still by the adjutant comments. As a child I had tried my hand at throwing stones at the winged predators without much success. My wicked cousin though could hurl projectiles that swerved and curved as they flew, at times even hitting the victims. So I can vouch for what has been written about Indians on that bulletin board.

  6. Such talented and humorous scarecrow artists! And how could anyone resist the purple dragon and it’s little spitfire babe?! Your commentaries are always so much fun; the transgendered scarecrow, for example! ??

  7. Such creative and fun scarecrows!!! 🙂 I love the baked beans! Ha! 😀 The cartwheeling head-over-heels couple is cute! 🙂 And, oh, that piggy! 😛
    Thank you for sharing these with us, Derrick! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  8. Fabulous pictures, with such clever scarecrow dioramas.
    Beans on Coast, the cartwheeling ones, and the stick men family were my favourites.
    (We had a new shop open in St. Ives this summer: Cheese on Coast….. lots of local and artisan cheeses)

  9. AMazing that it’s a year since the last one! My, time is flying – like some of the scarecrows! Great pics and kudos to the folks who produce these…these…um…scarecrows!!

  10. These are amazing–such much creativity and work. I can’t really pick a favorite, although I did really love the Head over Heels. Thank you for sharing, Derrick. I hope you enjoyed your meal. 🙂

  11. DELIGHTFUL! what fun and something to stir creativity in anyone. I am forwarding this to a dear friend who is an artist in California. She will wish we could have been there, as do I. Thank you!

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