The Quiet Coach

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Yesterday afternoon Jackie drove me to New Milton where I boarded the train to Clapham Junction. Luci met me there and transported me to her home in Hambalt Road, where I added my signature to various documents as joint executor of Wolf’s will. We then spent theContinue reading “The Quiet Coach”

Charles Holden’s Legacy

TO ENLARGE AN IMAGE, CLICK ON IT. REPEAT IF REQUIRED I have used the London Underground almost all my life. My earliest memory is of visits to South Kensington where my maternal grandparents lived in the early 1950s. It was not until Helen and Bill gave me this book for Christmas that I had everContinue reading “Charles Holden’s Legacy”

A Bit Of A Bummer

Continuous rain fell today, but the temperature was still very warm. Jackie drove me to and from New Milton for the London train and lunch with Wolf and Luci. From Waterloo I took the Northern Line tube to Clapham Common and walked to our friends’ home in Hambalt Road, reversing the process after stimulating conversationContinue reading “A Bit Of A Bummer”

Clapham Common

It was a bright and sunny day for my visit to old friends Wolf and Luci. Jackie, as usual drove me to and from New Milton Station for the train to Waterloo. From the terminal, I took the Northern Line to Clapham Common, along the South Side of which I walked, crossing over to ElmsContinue reading “Clapham Common”