Hordle Scarecrow Trail


This morning we visited New Milton, for a shop at Lidl; for me to have a haircut at Hair Design opposite; and to pay some cheques into the bank, although there’s hardly any point in the current economic climate.

Following the amount of interest expressed in yesterday’s scarecrow photographs, we investigated further. The competition is judged by visitors, like us, who bought a list of entrants with space for voting on three categories: Child, Individual, and Business. There is no prize, but subscriptions go towards the September fete. The theme is Children’s Stories. The pictures taken yesterday are of children’s creations. Today we visited a few more, including

Scarecrow 7

Jun(ior) 3 ‘Red Riding Hood’, at 29, Sky End Lane;

Scarecrow 4

IND(ividual) 14 ‘Ugly Duckly’ at 49, Ashley Lane;

Scarecrow 6

and Businesses 11 ‘Tinkerbell’ at Hordle Post Office, 14 Everton Road;

Scarecrow 5

13 ‘Little Red Riding Hoodie’ at Hordle Pharmacy;

Scarecrow 3

16 ‘Mr Wolf Little Red Riding Hood’ at Everything Pets in Stopples Lane;

Scarecrow 1

17 ‘Alice in Hordle Land’ at Classic Cuts alongside the pet shop;

Scarecrow 2

and 18 ‘Wanna bite, Snow White’ next door at Co-op Stores.

Back at home, the sunlight played on front garden plants




and some rather splendid lilies.

Shelly visited this afternoon and wandered around the garden with her sister.

The Raj in Old Milton is the third reincarnation in our time of the restaurant that was The Jarna when we first arrived in April 2014, then Spice of India until six months ago. We tried it this evening, and found it to be good. My choice of main course was king prawn naga. Jackie and I shared a naan, pilau rice, and tarka dal. She drank Kingfisher and I drank Cobra.