Pumpkin Head

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today I was mostly engaged in boring administration; correspondence in writing and in e-mail; filing; form-filling; and posting. Rapid rooftop rattling hailed a brief interlude with my camera, as ricocheting crystals created springboards of chairs, tables, paving, and anything else less receptive than soggy soil. Early thisContinue reading “Pumpkin Head”

Apple Juice

This morning I made a start on sorting and scanning 20 years of random film negatives.  The first strip was not my own.  It was taken in January 1984 by John Gordon, a friend of my sister Elizabeth.  This shot featured in the Southampton Daily Echo.  Sponsored in aid of Hilldene, her son Adam Keenan’sContinue reading “Apple Juice”

It Was Christmas Day In Islington

Before I was reunited with Jackie, my life was much simpler.  My belongings were only in three different places.  In particular, clothes, books, other personal items, and the furnishing for one room resided in The Firs.  The idea was that I would spend half my time there and half in my house in Sigoules inContinue reading “It Was Christmas Day In Islington”

Primrose And Champion

This morning I walked to Emery Down where Jackie picked me up and, after an abortive visit to a closed Highcliffe, drove us to Lyndhurst where we made a start on Christmas shopping. Ponies were out in force today.  At Seamans Corner one was scratching its nose on the wooden seat surrounding a tree.  Another quietlyContinue reading “Primrose And Champion”