Busy Bees, Hummingbird Moths, Decorator, And Gardeners

Today Nick continued with his painting of our bedroom and upstairs sitting room walls; Jackie continued weeding, alongside Martin who heavily pruned a couple of New Zealand flax plants and an ornamental poplar before mowing the lawn carpeted with daisies which will return in a few days. In the meantime I photographed two other breedsContinue reading “Busy Bees, Hummingbird Moths, Decorator, And Gardeners”

Swarms Of Moths

This morning I stepped out in the very warm sunshine with my camera. In the front garden the crab apple blossoms and the first of the libertia are blooming; the Amanogawa cherry reaches above the eaves; and some of our cyclamen still flower. The yellow and red tulips in the patio bed which have takenContinue reading “Swarms Of Moths”