What To Do With Flies

For much of the morning and the first half hour of a sweltering afternoon Jackie continued weeding the Brick Path, taking her own before and after photographs; meanwhile I filled several trug-loads of dead-headed roses and weeds pulled up from the beds along the way. Afterwards I printed another batch of A4 prints of himContinue reading “What To Do With Flies”

Busy Bees, Hummingbird Moths, Decorator, And Gardeners

Today Nick continued with his painting of our bedroom and upstairs sitting room walls; Jackie continued weeding, alongside Martin who heavily pruned a couple of New Zealand flax plants and an ornamental poplar before mowing the lawn carpeted with daisies which will return in a few days. In the meantime I photographed two other breedsContinue reading “Busy Bees, Hummingbird Moths, Decorator, And Gardeners”

In The Nest

Nick spent the morning sanding down yesterday’s filling of walls, ceilings, and woodwork; painting ceilings and, this afternoon, walls The blackbird’s nest, first sighted on 3rd June, now has, as photographed by Jackie, two babies. One egg may be unhatched; the yellow ball is a seed. For much of the day I listened to BBC’sContinue reading “In The Nest”

How To Get Rid Of Dandelions

I began the last push on clearing the two rooms Nick is currently working on together at 4 a.m. this morning. These are the new sitting room and our bedroom upstairs. Our friendly decorator began prepping before Jackie and I took a mid-morning forest drive. A framed crocheted Queen welcomes visitors to St. Mark’s Church,Continue reading “How To Get Rid Of Dandelions”

Rich Pickings

This morning Nick completed his painting of the garden room and vacuumed and tidied everything, as he always does. After lunch Jackie drove me into the forest. As I walked down the slope from Wilverley Road to capture the views of Longslade Bottom, its landscape festooned with ponies, foals, and dog walkers I noticed buttercupsContinue reading “Rich Pickings”

Burning Garden Refuse

Today Nick applied first coats of paint to the Garden Room. In the meantime, with minor assistance from me, Jackie burnt the garden refuse unsuitable for composting. Later this afternoon Jackie and I took a short forest drive. Along Forest Road a pair of ponies and foals set off into the shrubbery as I walkedContinue reading “Burning Garden Refuse”

Ground Floor Completed

At intervals during the day I finished reading ‘The Woman in White’ which I had neither time to review nor to scan the illustrations from The Limited Editions Club edition from 1964. I will do this tomorrow. By early afternoon Nick had completed his transformation of our entrance hall/my office and the vestibule. In previousContinue reading “Ground Floor Completed”

Painting, Sailboarding, And Fishing.

Returning after four days of Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and after his painstaking preparation, Nick was able to almost complete his ground floor painting today. Afterwards Jackie and I took a short forest drive. Sailboarders were out on the Solent against the backdrop of the Isle of Wight. The colourful expert disappeared out of sight untilContinue reading “Painting, Sailboarding, And Fishing.”

A Birthday Outing

Nick continued his work today. First, donning a protective mask, and doing his best to prevent dust from entering our sitting room, he rubbed down the surfaces he had filled in yesterday, then began to apply the first coat of paint which he completed during our absence this afternoon. After lunch the three of usContinue reading “A Birthday Outing”

There Are No Pale Grey Foals

Preparation is an oft overlooked essential part of house decoration – especially if this has not been adequately carried out for decades. Such has been the case with our home which Nick Hayter has transformed over the years. He spent several hours on this today. This afternoon I made him some prints from today andContinue reading “There Are No Pale Grey Foals”