Orchard Lakes

Readers of this morning’s earlier post will not be surprised to learn that, despite having sensibly skipped lunch, no further sustenance was needed until 

today’s brunch taken at Lakeview Café. All tasty items in these generous platefuls were provided by the nearby Ferndene Farm Shop. Jackie, who photographed them has one each of tomatoes, bacon rashers, sausages, hash browns, and portions of mushrooms and baked beans. I enjoyed two of everything. Also included in the set meals were slices of toast and large mugs of tea, for me, and coffee for Jackie.

From the café we could see 

the lakes with their still, silent, fishermen, and one old dog which heaved itself to its feet and mustered the energy to bark at me.

Strategically placed lifebelts were hung on a number of posts.

Before returning home we took a turn round Bisterne Close where 

a squirrel sat on the tarmac finishing its own brunch, and

a number of ponies took theirs in the woodland.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wholesome chicken and vegetable stewp and fresh bread and butter.