A Green Christmas

On a very damp and dull afternoon we drove to Fagan’s in New Milton for Jackie to buy me a Christmas present.

Later, when twilight was approaching we visited Milford on Sea to see the decorated village green.

The blustery weather was already wreaking a certain amount of havoc on the displays. I needed to tie back the laces holding the snow onto the first of the litter bins and couldn’t straighten the fallen figure on the second.

As Pam Wright is attributed for the work portrayed in the second gallery, each of the individual Christmas trees carries a similar notice telling us whose project it is.

All the dedicated benches bear decorations. One notice made me smile.

The Nativity scene is very artistic. A Father Christmas figure has fallen into Jesus’s crib.

Others adorn a row of posts lining the car park.

Elizabeth came to dinner which consisted of Jackie’s well-filled beef and mushroom pie; crisp roast potatoes; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; firm Brussels sprouts, and meaty gravy. This was followed by Sicilian lemon tart. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden while my sister and I drank more of the Malbec poured from another bottle.

Christmas Is Coming

Becky had stayed over yesterday evening in order to drive me to Lymington Market to buy some presents which cannot yet be named.

Many others thronged the High Street with no possible social distancing and not always wearing masks. I managed to buy most of what I had come for and take a few photographs of stalls I could get near.

A Nativity scene graced the Children’s Charity window.

These are samples of the stalls.

After lunch we enjoyed a happy conversation until, just before sunset, our daughter set off home for Southbourne.

We then took a short drive hoping to catch the last of the light. The sunset was rather uninspired.

On Everton Road we stopped and chatted with Robert Gill as I photographed his Christmas display. I told him I had been posting pictures of his scarecrows for some years and was happy to give him the link.

This evening we dined on more of Hordle Chinese Take Away’s tasty dishes with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Malbec.