“I Don’t Want To Have To Pick You Up From The Floor”

During much of the day I struggled with BT who have chosen to deny that I continue to have an account while they are taking payment for it but blocking access to it so I can’t check what they might be extracting. I have better things to do than persist at the moment. This afternoonContinue reading ““I Don’t Want To Have To Pick You Up From The Floor””

Byron Road 2021

Early this afternoon, our neighbour, Gordon, visited. We enjoyed a convivial conversation in which he expressed pleasure to hear that the article he had given me from a 1928 edition of The Mansfield and Sutton Times had appeared in my post ‘Patent Love’. Later, I scanned the next four of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations toContinue reading “Byron Road 2021”

A Day Of Two Halves

We drove through tears wept with varying velocity and frequency by this morning’s miserable skies, first to Ferndene Farm Shop for the purchase of a Christmas tree, then to the forest for a drive. On one side of Braggers Lane a curious cow left its companions in a field in order watch the cars goContinue reading “A Day Of Two Halves”

A Green Christmas

On a very damp and dull afternoon we drove to Fagan’s in New Milton for Jackie to buy me a Christmas present. Later, when twilight was approaching we visited Milford on Sea to see the decorated village green. The blustery weather was already wreaking a certain amount of havoc on the displays. I needed toContinue reading “A Green Christmas”

Continued Preparation

A fortnight ago, noticing that our fuel oil was rather low, I ordered a refill and was promised one before today. Overnight the tank was emptied and we had no heating this morning. Opening with a plea of age and infirmity I rang the supplier early this morning. I then slipped into my trademark firm,Continue reading “Continued Preparation”

Hatchet Pond At Dusk

Today’s Christmas rose is this peach one from the patio bed. The neighbouring clematis Cirrhosa Freckles festoons the grateful gazebo. The now solitary pigeon still perches praying for the return of its deceased mate. Nugget now spends much of his time outside the stable door where he enjoys sole use of the feeder by theContinue reading “Hatchet Pond At Dusk”

Wishing All My Readers Happiness In Their Own Festive Season

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ACCESS THE ENLARGED GALLERY Much of today was spent writing Christmas cards. It therefore seemed appropriate to present this selection from my archives, from which readers can choose their own with my best wishes. In order of appearance, the three Christmas cards were designed by me aged 16, 17, andContinue reading “Wishing All My Readers Happiness In Their Own Festive Season”

“Our Husbands Don’t Know We’re Here With This Man”

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED 2ND DECEMBER 2017 Continuing internet problems mean that I am still two days behind with this post. After a good night’s sleep we began the day with an excellent breakfast cooked by Mr Watts. We enjoyed the bonus of our host’s conversation whilst he cooked our mealContinue reading ““Our Husbands Don’t Know We’re Here With This Man””

Fire Up Above And Fire Down Below

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. 1ST DECEMBER 2017 This is being posted two days late because we went away for the weekend and I forgot to take my laptop charger with me. You have to be quick to secure a Ferndene Farm Shop Christmas tree. Before setting off for Bicester, we boughtContinue reading “Fire Up Above And Fire Down Below”

Natural Monochrome

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN THE CLUSTERS TO ACCESS THE GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. SIMPLY CLICK ON THE SINGLE SHOT AND REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Anyone having followed the broadband connection saga will no doubt share my delight in the fact that this morning I uploaded the ten following pictures in five minutes.Continue reading “Natural Monochrome”