Changing Prints

Today the constantly leaking skies remained grizzling throughout. This afternoon, in the drizzle, Jackie and I transported a superfluous chair to the Oakhaven  Hospice Shop in Highcliffe. They were pleased to receive it. Nicki and Andrew were conveying more of Elizabeth’s belongings from storage to her new house. We drove on to Pilley for aContinue reading “Changing Prints”


The gloriously sunny weather that has welcomed us to Downton continued today. I took a walk up Hordle Lane alongside the extensive rape fields that glowed beneath the cloudless blue skies. A footpath on the left led around one field and through another. At first the fields were on my left. Horses lazed in a paddockContinue reading “Spring”

Fifty Years Ago Today

This morning Jackie and I had a trip to Highcliffe, last home to so many people that it is full of shops with good quality second-hand goods from houses recently rendered unoccupied by infirmity or death. We went in search of curtains, of which the Sue Ryder shop provided three good pairs, and the Oakhaven Hospice a fourth.Continue reading “Fifty Years Ago Today”

The Serpentine

This morning we drove back to Highcliffe to collect a hall table we had bought from a hospice shop yesterday.  Jackie then drove up to Highcliffe Castle and esconced herself with coffee and scones whilst I went for a walk along the beach. I followed a path from the castle grounds to the beach andContinue reading “The Serpentine”