‘What Is Your Tactic?’

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. As stated yesterday, Jackie drove us late in the afternoon to Steamer Point Nature Reserve where she parked the car and we walked down to Friar’s Cliff beach. Here is the origin of the name of this area: From the Nature Reserve, we could see Highcliffe to our left,Continue reading “‘What Is Your Tactic?’”

Fifty Years Ago Today

This morning Jackie and I had a trip to Highcliffe, last home to so many people that it is full of shops with good quality second-hand goods from houses recently rendered unoccupied by infirmity or death. We went in search of curtains, of which the Sue Ryder shop provided three good pairs, and the Oakhaven Hospice a fourth.Continue reading “Fifty Years Ago Today”

A Bouncing Baby Boy

We drove back to Highcliffe early this afternoon, for Jackie to shop and for me to walk. The contrast between this moist Monday and yesterday’s sunny Sunday was marked.  Highcliffe beach was deserted except for me and a jogger.  I walked along the cliff top first, before descending to the shore by muddy steps besideContinue reading “A Bouncing Baby Boy”


Malachi is most definitely at the ‘why’ stage.  This morning, over breakfast, he asked Jackie ‘why?’.  She had a ready answer, smiled, and said ‘I anticipated that one’.  ‘What does that mean?’, he asked.  ‘I knew you’d ask why?’, she replied.  A mischievous grin game over his face.  ‘Why?’, he said.  Why is it thatContinue reading “Highcliffe”

The Serpentine

This morning we drove back to Highcliffe to collect a hall table we had bought from a hospice shop yesterday.  Jackie then drove up to Highcliffe Castle and esconced herself with coffee and scones whilst I went for a walk along the beach. I followed a path from the castle grounds to the beach andContinue reading “The Serpentine”

Dover Beach

The weather today was very unpleasant, with driving rain and blustery winds.  I found myself agreeing to a trip to Highcliffe.  After all, we were going to get wet anyway, so why not at the seaside? Jackie drove me to the clifftop and pointed out the Isle of Wight, quite near, but only just discernibleContinue reading “Dover Beach”