Storm Gerrit

Tomorrow being our weekly rubbish collection day it was necessary for me to bag up a great number of bin bags for the Council staff. This had to be done before darkness this afternoon or before daylight in the morning. It would be unlikely that I would avoid gusting wind or driving rain, so I began after lunch, desperately trying to carry each bulging bag through the door before it slammed in my face while something in the house crashed to the floor.

We have two types of bag. One, like ordinary black bin liners, contains landfill material. The other, clear, takes recyclable items – much of these, at this time, being of cardboard which needs to be flattened and folded to fit into its container. These latter pieces are generally lighter than those in the blag bags.

My final task was to stack these in such a manner that storm Gerrit would be unlikely to distribute them around Christchurch Road. We will see how successful I have been tomorrow after sunrise – if there is one.

We are provided with separate bins for bottles and jars which are collected on a monthly basis.

During interludes between enjoyable family conversations and being entertained by Ellie, I made further progress with reading “The Charterhouse of Parma”.

I wasn’t going outside with a camera today, so the header picture is of a recycle bin from Merton where we were living in August 2012. Our bottle bins are similar to this.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s Chicken, turkey, and lots of other stuff stewp.