Storm Gerrit

Tomorrow being our weekly rubbish collection day it was necessary for me to bag up a great number of bin bags for the Council staff. This had to be done before darkness this afternoon or before daylight in the morning. It would be unlikely that I would avoid gusting wind or driving rain, so I began after lunch, desperately trying to carry each bulging bag through the door before it slammed in my face while something in the house crashed to the floor.

We have two types of bag. One, like ordinary black bin liners, contains landfill material. The other, clear, takes recyclable items – much of these, at this time, being of cardboard which needs to be flattened and folded to fit into its container. These latter pieces are generally lighter than those in the blag bags.

My final task was to stack these in such a manner that storm Gerrit would be unlikely to distribute them around Christchurch Road. We will see how successful I have been tomorrow after sunrise – if there is one.

We are provided with separate bins for bottles and jars which are collected on a monthly basis.

During interludes between enjoyable family conversations and being entertained by Ellie, I made further progress with reading “The Charterhouse of Parma”.

I wasn’t going outside with a camera today, so the header picture is of a recycle bin from Merton where we were living in August 2012. Our bottle bins are similar to this.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s Chicken, turkey, and lots of other stuff stewp.


  1. Good for you to at least make the effort to recycle and I hope the items don’t wind up all over the place! There being no local pickup, we keep ours at home and drive it all to the dump at intervals, which has its own built-in annoyances to contend with, but at least the people who run it are responsible and friendly. They recycle all the books and usable goods that come in by making them available for free to anyone, which I appreciate.

    1. Thanks very much, Donnalee. All that can be at our dump is sold. Even for just £2 it has to be paid for by card because the equally friendly staff are not trusted with cash.

      1. Isn’t that strange? They just switched ours to cards too, even to pay for the disposal of garbage, in US$.20 increments–twenty cents, and each has to be clipped so a lot of tiny paper bits fall to the ground and are wasted. Oh well–someone had a bright idea!

    1. It raged all night, but we haven’t been outside yet this morning. The birch is still standing. Thanks very much, Merril

  2. Good for you to do the right thing. Jackie’s delicious stewp reminds me Brunswick stew which originated in Virginia, North Carolina, or Georgia depending upon who you believe. Normally contains chicken (or rabbit or squirrel or whatever is available), potatoes, corn, Lima beans, tomatoes and cooks all day.

  3. Do you not have wheelie bins for your general waste and recycling?
    We have two black bins for general landfill and two green bins for recycling. Unfortunately we don’t have a bottle bin, but there are six large ones at the bottom of the lane in the village car park.

    The weather is dreadful here; high winds are back; it rained all of last night (Tuesday) and all day today and it’s still raining now. The river runs around the house yet again.

    1. Our rain has stopped today but wind, which roared all night is still going. We don’t have wheelie bins. Thanks very much, Sue

  4. We are hoping for a mostly sunny day today after the cold – yes, cold – weather of the past week or so. That stewp looks delicious. We have to place our rubbish bags out today. It is a toss-up who gets to break them open first: the donkeys or the pickers. The latter rifle through them for anything they regard as useful and leave the rubbish to spill over the verge. The other wonder of the day is whether or not the municipal workers will actually collect the bags!

  5. We had trash collection, recycle collection, etc., day on Monday, but because it was Christmas Day it happened on Tuesday. 🙂
    ‘Tis joyful to have Ellie entertain! 🙂
    Jackie’s stewp looks like the perfect meal on a December day! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Good for you recycling, even in stormy weather. We recycle every week as well, but we’re given a nice large green can to include paper/plastic/glass. Although then we hear no plastic but no one can agree on that.
    Glad you made it through the storm. We’ve had some doozies lately. A week ago 50+ mph winds so our chimes came down and after we picked up a lot of branches. Happy New Year!

  7. Glad you and the birch survived Gerritt! That stewp was the perfect meal! I’m in Scotland and am grateful not to have been traveling in the Highlands. Many roads were closed because of the snow.

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