We had a very smooth drive this morning to Southampton General Hospital for my cystoscopy test, but then a long wait for the procedure, partly because we had arrived so early. Interesting conversations ensued with a variety of other patients.

I need to return for another exploratory procedure for a biopsy to follow in the next 2-3 weeks.

Afterwards we brunched at New Forest Emporium Café, each choosing to repeat the meals we had enjoyed on our previous visit, viz

Jackie’s cheddar cheese and tuna panini, and my Big Beauty Breakfast.

We then collected my new specs from Boots Opticians in New Milton and flopped for the afternoon.

This evening we dined on thick mushroom omelettes; chunky oven chips, and plentiful fresh salad.


We spent the best part of this warm, sunny, day on which we would have preferred anything but, driving to Southampton General Hospital and back for me to experience the surprising discomfort despite the friendly, efficient attention of staff, of CT Scans of my bladder region prior to a cystoscopy next Saturday. Because I am still not in any pain this feels like precautionary checks.

On our return we chatted with Becky and Ian who had stayed over until early evening when they left for their own home in Southbourne.

Later in the evening we dined on the other half of Jackie’s beef and mushroom pie from two day’s ago, with freshly cooked boiled new potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli.