We had a very smooth drive this morning to Southampton General Hospital for my cystoscopy test, but then a long wait for the procedure, partly because we had arrived so early. Interesting conversations ensued with a variety of other patients.

I need to return for another exploratory procedure for a biopsy to follow in the next 2-3 weeks.

Afterwards we brunched at New Forest Emporium Café, each choosing to repeat the meals we had enjoyed on our previous visit, viz

Jackie’s cheddar cheese and tuna panini, and my Big Beauty Breakfast.

We then collected my new specs from Boots Opticians in New Milton and flopped for the afternoon.

This evening we dined on thick mushroom omelettes; chunky oven chips, and plentiful fresh salad.


  1. Been thinking about you today and so I stopped by to check on if you’d posted, yet, about your medical testing.
    I’m glad it’s over and you got to go to a lovely lunch with beautiful Jackie! Keep resting!
    Bestest wishes and prayers for your results and future testing/procedures.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️

  2. The big breakfast almost makes the hospital visit worthwhile, though it would be better to have the breakfast and not have to visit the hospital. Still, these things have to be done. I hope that the test is useful.

  3. I’m sorry you have to return for more tests, but on the other hand it is good that your clinicians are being thorough.
    What a breakfast treat you had, I’m not surprised you returned to the Emporium Café. 🙂

  4. I trust all is tickety-boo, Derrick. I’m with you on the ‘Big Beauty Breakfast’ – but why do places insist on serving up their baked beans in irritating little pots that just get in the way? Btw, Im sure there’s a beach near New Milton where I almost drowned…but it was a long time ago 🙂 It’s probably too soon for a plaque.

    1. I think the little pots are mostly for presentation but there are people who don’t like their foods to touch or just aren’t keen on beans. I’m not one of them.

  5. I’m glad your medical team is being thorough and taking care of you. Hope all goes well. At least you had some interesting conversations while waiting.

  6. Excellent choices of food for both of you. I like the idea of ‘flopping’ for the rest of the afternoon 🙂

  7. That procedure doesn’t sound very pleasant. I hope you had good meds to calm you. Good luck with the future procedure. Your breakfast is exactly what Kevin would have ordered beans and all. 🙂

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