Fearing For The Weeping Birch

With the overnight gale force winds of Storm Pia still raging around the garden

this fallen planted pot was the least of the damage inflicted.

I have previously featured a pittosporum allowed by our predecessors to grow into a tree. This has now come crashing down

crushing an arch spanning the Dead End Path, and no doubt destroying hanging baskets which we can no longer see,

because the upper branches and their foliage now block the path.

This brings me to the Weeping Birch which lost all its leaves in the very hot summer spell, and looked vulnerable as its now naked limbs groped quivering in the gusts.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s classic cottage pie with a sautéed potato topping; crunchy carrots, and firm Brussels sprouts, with which she drank Peroni and I drank Chilean Valle Central Cabernet Sauvignon 2022