We Ran Out Of Stickers

Owen signing as witness brought the first of Karen and Barry’s wedding albums to a close this morning. Jackie continues to apply stickers for the

start of the second album.

After lunch we continued until, on the last of the confetti pages, we ran out of stickers, one of which can be seen on the edge of a photograph reversed in the top left of this picture. Our process involved Jackie applying one to each corner of each image for me to place in position in the books.

We then drove to Wessex Photographic in Lymington to purchase another box of adhesive squares before continuing a short trip into the forest.

On Bull Hill a persistent calf attempted unsuccessfully to latch onto a somewhat reluctant cow. Every so often there was a kerfuffle which suggested to me that I may be witnessing a mistaken identity.

Outside the entrance to Beaulieu Abbey I conversed with a friendly family who had spent 90 minutes seeking a donkey and were now petting the only one they had seen.

A calf among a small herd seeking shelter under a spreading horse chestnut tree was enjoying more suckling success than the one seen earlier. Another was scratching its face, possibly in an attempt to dislodge flies.

On our return home we completed our wedding album project, leaving a few final pages blank. Myra and Barry brought our photo story to a close.

This evening we dined on Hordle Chinese Take Away’s excellent fare with which Flo drank Ribena while the rest of us drank TsingTao beer.