A Better Perspective

Just before lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/04/29/a-knights-tale-129-waiting-on-barbados-part-two/ After lunch we took the Barnes Lane route to Milford on Sea pharmacy where ferns unfurled by the roadside. Afterwards we continued into the forest On Lymore Lane Jackie parked beside this field of golden oilseed rape flanked by dandelions and cow parsley. Once I had produced my images,Continue reading “A Better Perspective”

Across The Stream

On this overcast, somewhat warmer afternoon Jackie drove me to Puttles Bridge and back. From the carpark I crunched among the dropped pine cones and dried autumn leaves; thudded along the beaten track; slalomed around fallen, decaying, branches and tree trunks; and gingerly stepped over exposed, sometimes mossy, interwoven roots, alongside the still, silent, reflectingContinue reading “Across The Stream”

Time To Let The Cattle Loose

On a largely overcast yet dry day Jackie donated some property to one Charity Shop in Highcliffe before lunch and we both did the same with two small filing cabinets to the Oakhaven Hospice shop in the afternoon. We then took a drive into the forest. On the first green at Bramshaw a couple ofContinue reading “Time To Let The Cattle Loose”

Hard Going

Late this afternoon, while Becky and Flo shopped in Lymington, Jackie and I took a forest drive via Brockenhurst, Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, Linwood, Appleslade and Ringwood. While Jackie parked the Modus alongside Rhinefield Road, both of us enjoying the gentle birdsong in the otherwise silent woodland, I crunched and crackled over the beech nuts, theContinue reading “Hard Going”

On Tarmac And Moorland

This morning we worked on completing our preparation of guest bedrooms for reasons which will become clear tomorrow. After lunch we took a forest drive. Having seen a very large foal being suckled in a field on Jordans Lane I stepped out of the car and sank into autumn leaves in a dry ditch, byContinue reading “On Tarmac And Moorland”

Down To The Sea

Yesterday evening I watched a recording of the Six Nations rugby match between England and Scotland; this morning one of the match between Ireland and Wales. After lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/02/06/a-knights-tale-99-1987-part-two/ Elizabeth e-mailed a selection of her photographs from yesterday. Two ponies; the cattle by the stream; and me. Heavy winds having howled throughout theContinue reading “Down To The Sea”

Crossing The Stream

This afternoon we drove to Pilley where we collected Elizabeth to take her on a photographic trip to the north of the forest and return to our home for dinner. As I stepped out of the car to photograph ponies in a stream at Ibsley I noticed a gentleman with the same aim in mind.Continue reading “Crossing The Stream”

Some Forest Denizens

We saw no sign of the forecast sunny intervals on our afternoon forest drive. Highland cattle, including friendly bulls Blackie and Splash, lounged lazily on the green at Bramshaw. After I photographed them we drove on to Penn Common where Ponies cropped the soggy terrain, on which Jackie focussed. Just to the left of thisContinue reading “Some Forest Denizens”

A Day Of Two Halves

We drove through tears wept with varying velocity and frequency by this morning’s miserable skies, first to Ferndene Farm Shop for the purchase of a Christmas tree, then to the forest for a drive. On one side of Braggers Lane a curious cow left its companions in a field in order watch the cars goContinue reading “A Day Of Two Halves”

Advancing In Our Direction

After lunch Elizabeth visited to discuss a few matters relating to Mum’s funeral. This included the choice of coffin and flowers. Later, I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/09/22/a-knights-tale-37-garrick-house/ This afternoon we took a drive into the forest. Jackie parked beside Charles’s Lane, and I stepped out to photograph the woodland scenes alongside. On one side of Gorley RoadContinue reading “Advancing In Our Direction”