A Garden Stream

This morning Jackie created and photographed in situ this stone for Scooby. As soon as she can order one next month, Becky will plant a softly scented rose ‘Little White Pet’.

Later, on this, Mum’s 98th birthday, we visited her at Woodpeckers Care Home, brought a card and pot plants, and sang Happy Birthday. The plaster on her arm remains as a precaution against clothes rubbing on the well healed skin. Mum peeled it back to show us that it is quite dry. The dressing will finally be removed tomorrow.

This afternoon we took a drive into the forest.

One end of Church Lane crosses a now fast flowing swollen stream stretching through the landscape and a long garden. We experienced a great deal of overnight rainfall which has contributed to this.

Close scrutiny of the recently cropped tails on some of the various ponies occupying Wooden House Lane in Pilley will indicate that they have been rounded up and freshly clipped in a Drift round up.

These creatures were particularly persistent in gaining my acquaintance; so much so that I could feel the breath from their nostrils tickling the hairs on the back of my hand. I therefore popped back into the car and changed my lens, so that I could keep a slightly more sociable distance.

Two of the equine creatures were not into maintaining any sort of distance.

On Pilley Bailey ponies on the road had no qualms about displaying their neat tail trims.

This evening we dined on spicy pork chops; roast potatoes, some of which were sweet; crisp carrots and cauliflower; with tender runner beans and meaty gravy. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank The Second Fleet Limestone Coast Shiraz 2019.