Emergency Grounding

The bare copper beach brings clear signs of autumn to the garden, as Jackie continues her clearance of the Palm Bed and, in particular, the Dead End Bed. This New Zealand hebe has received heavy pruning. The thick limb to the right of the chimney planter, and supporting the remaining branches, has been rooted fromContinue reading “Emergency Grounding”

Reprising Ice Cream Selection

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN THE PAGE AND CLICKING THE RELEVANT BOX. Most of the beds in the garden are threaded with stepping stones placed for access. They have become rather overgrown. This morning I began opening them out, starting withContinue reading “Reprising Ice Cream Selection”

The Dymo Marker

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE THEM. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN OWLS TODAY, HOWEVER….. Well, I did cut the grass, and wander round the garden, but that was along time ago. The rest of the day was spent preparing my finances for my very efficient accountant. Had I done even a modicum of filingContinue reading “The Dymo Marker”

Before And After: From Unidentified Fir Bed To Cryptomeria Bed

This morning we continued planting up the Cryptomeria Bed. Once again, this proved more difficult than anticipated. Jackie came across more vinca roots growing between the border rocks, and had to get down on her kneeler to dig them out. My task was to bore holes for the shrubs that needed deeper soil. I invariably came acrossContinue reading “Before And After: From Unidentified Fir Bed To Cryptomeria Bed”

Before And After: From Compost Heap to New Bed

This morning we both tidied up after yesterday’s work on the Cryptomeria Bed. Jackie also did some planting, and completed her access stepping stones in the front garden with stones dug up yesterday. My iMac was upgraded yesterday to the latest operating system, rejoicing in the name of El Capitain. One of the improvements was saidContinue reading “Before And After: From Compost Heap to New Bed”

Before And After: The Rose Garden

The Unidentified Fir Bed is now a Cryptomeria Bed. It seemed a simple, straightforward, task today to dig over the bed cleared yesterday, in preparation for planting. Not so. Beneath the top layer of soil; itself riddled with spun skeins of fine vinca roots; more rock, concrete, tiles, and snakes of perished rubber hose were buried.Continue reading “Before And After: The Rose Garden”

The Great Diver

As is now customary, I began the day with a meander round the garden. This is how Jackie has refurbished the knackered decking; and here is her sign for Elizabeth’s bed. She has positioned stepping stones between Aaron’s paving, and added phlox to the rose garden. In the former compost bed the dahlia Bishop of LlandaffContinue reading “The Great Diver”

Maybe The Plants Were Sweating

This, the hottest day of the year so far, was so humid and overcast as to be energy-sapping and mood lowering. Even the overnight rain couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to slide from the weeping roses, doing their best to brighten the day. The head gardener, yesterday, had expressed pleasure that the photograph of Elizabeth’s rose had notContinue reading “Maybe The Plants Were Sweating”

The Mole Catcher

One of the benefits of writing a daily blog over a period of more than two years is that it can be used to jog one’s own memory. Quite often we have checked something by using the search facility. Struggling to remember the name of the architectural salvage outlet where we had bought a doorContinue reading “The Mole Catcher”

Tree Felling

Yesterday’s post carries a picture of the holly stump I decided to remove today. The promised rain fell overnight but kept off today, so I didn’t get my break. Jackie drove us to Milford Supplies where I bought a long, heavy, tree feller’s axe, a smaller hand one, an iron shovel, and, for good measure,Continue reading “Tree Felling”