Crumbling Cliffs

This has been a glorious day. Our first real frost lay on those parts of Barton Common not, by 11 a.m., yet reached by the brilliant sun. That was when Jackie deposited me there after a trip to Redcliffe Nurseries where we had purchased four outsize window boxes. I spent almost an hour wandering amongst the bracken,Continue reading “Crumbling Cliffs”

If Dan’s Grandfather Can Do It………

3.9.14 This morning I reacquainted myself with our Downton garden where I found signs of impending autumn. The phantom hydrangea turns pink during that season, and is beginning to do so now. Leaves are starting to fall, and, although the day was warm and sunny, the early temperature was a little cool. A new honeysuckle,Continue reading “If Dan’s Grandfather Can Do It………”

Getting Heated

Knowing I was once more going to have to grapple with BT this morning, I cheered my spirits by wandering round the garden and focussing on the cleared shrubbery alongside the dead-end path. Japanese anemones, leycesteria, and a pink rose have come into view. The leycesteria had been choked by a hazelnut tree the nutContinue reading “Getting Heated”

Making Connections

The O2 signal problem at Castle Malwood Lodge continues.  I still had no connection at all this morning.  Jackie’s Nokia, also on O2, had very fluctuating signals.  Buoyed up by a bucket of coffee I decided to ring the provider again.  I was again advised to take the various parts out of my Blackberry.  I saidContinue reading “Making Connections”

Junk From George Osborne

This morning I finished ‘Wordsworth, A Life’ by Juliet Barker.  That was essential because otherwise I would have had to weigh down my hand luggage with it on the plane to France tomorrow.  The book comprises 971 pages of very small print for this modern age.  Maybe the font size was chosen in order toContinue reading “Junk From George Osborne”

A Pikey

Taking my normal route to Cannon Hill Common; with the exception of entering it through Joseph Hood recreation ground alongside; I paused in Maycross Avenue to chat to Keyline paviers.  Proud of their work, the man in charge told me how, with a membrane and a layer of concrete, they eradicated the weeds which IContinue reading “A Pikey”

A Rant

Today was what David calls ‘the big tidy up day’, so there was no walkabout. This morning I finished Dennis Wheatley’s ‘Vendetta in Spain’.  With a good grasp of history and a fine attention to detail, Wheatley tells a rollicking good story.  Set in the first decade of the twentieth century, this novel was, evenContinue reading “A Rant”