Amity Grove

This morning I scanned a dozen colour slides from April 1969. This exercise took rather longer than usual, firstly because colour restoration was required, and secondly because of the amount of retouching that was necessary. My Epson Perfection V750 PRO scanner has a template that takes 12 slides of the 35 mm variety, and scans them in a batch. Unfortunately the colour restoration facility only works on one at a time.

Today I present a selection taken at Amity Grove which I bought for my second marriage. My American WordPress friends have been amazed at the ‘crazy’ real estate prices that prevail in UK. I paid £5,000 for that house in 1968. It was sold last year for £745,000.

Jackie 4.69 001Jackie 4.69 2Jackie 4.69 3

Here are three portraits of Jackie photographed in the garden, where Michael enjoyed playing. At just five years old, perhaps he was showing signs of the practical bent that saw his setting up and managing his own building firm sixteen years later.Michael 4.69 1Michael 4.69 2Rio's rattle 4.69

Rio, seen here stretching for her sun-kissed rattle, lived next door.Elizabeth and Matthew 4.69Elizabeth 4.69 4Elizabeth 4.69 2

Elizabeth carefully bottle feeds her nephew Matthew. The wall decorations behind my sister were produced by me cutting out pictures from photographic magazines, mounting them on boards, and hanging them in an asymmetrical manner. She wasn’t experimenting with a new eye makeup. That was the best I could do with a damaged slide.

This afternoon Jackie drove us to Leatherhead for the family’s annual Gilbert and Sullivan performance. We will be staying there overnight, so I will report on that tomorrow.


  1. Wow! You got a great prize for the house. The prize for real estate is crazy here in Switzerland as well. People’s homes, even modest ones, are worth millions!

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