Eric’s Trampling

Even in the restaurant last night, my camera was not safe from Flo’s clutches. Here is a photograph she took of her mother:Becky

For those of you who have suggested the obvious Birthday/Christmas present, we bought one for this talented photographer a couple of years ago, but she didn’t bring it with her this time.

Letter and Telephone boxes

This morning, albeit painfully, I made it a couple of hundred yards to the post box without a stick. Despite the increasing use of e-mails and texts to communicate in writing we still post letters in these historic boxes. How long the increasingly costly service will manage to survive is open to question. Like most of the country’s telephone boxes this one has fallen into disuse. They remain a tourist attraction in London, but elsewhere the mobile phone has rendered the landmark red cabinets largely obsolete.

No Parking rape fieldGlass jarsCherry blossom

There is a gap in the hedge alongside the field, through which the farmer gains access between the rows of parked cars. Glass jars had been lobbed into the hedgerow where cherry blossom now blooms.

Ornamental cabbage

We have an interesting ornamental cabbage in the garden. I played with maximum saturation on this heavy crop.


The heucheras are now flowering,

Eric's trampling

which is more than can be said for anything planted under the bird feeders where Eric tramples,

Eric 1

before going on walkabout (photographed by Flo yesterday).

The sausage content of Jackie’s classic casserole comprised chipolatas from Lidl combined with Tesco’s finest pork and red onion. The other usual ingredients contributed to the rich, tasty, sauce. Mashed potato; and crisp carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli were the supporting cast. I finished the cabernet sauvignon, while Becky and Jackie drank a melange of rosés.


  1. The postal service is indeed expensive these days. 63p now for a letter! Our local telephone box seems to have become an unofficial bus shelter. The ornamental cabbage leaf is wonderful – it made me think of a chloropleth map of the Amazon.

  2. Slow but sure improvement in your knee? Our postal service is in trouble here too. Your letters cost a lot more to mail than ours. Great pictures! Your and Flo’s, lol. Good thing Eric is so gorgeous… He gets away with a lot

  3. I love seeing those red boxes in photos Derrick, no matter where they are. In fact, the more obscure and remote the location, the more they appeal to me. It could be that I’m American and we don’t have anymore of our own telephone booths – though ours were very ugly indeed so I’m not sad to see them disappear. I agree with Cynthia too, Eric is gorgeous, even if he is a flower trampler. ;))

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