Walkers In The Field

On a gloriously warm and sunny Good Friday, being the start of a four day holiday weekend, the government was still urging the public to adhere to the coronavirus lockdown  regulations; the UK reported death toll was now approaching 1,000 in the last 24 hours; and a small but significant minority of people were transgressingContinue reading “Walkers In The Field”

The First Foal

We took an early morning trip into the forest today. A favourite route takes us through Holmesley Passage which links the A35 with the Burley Road. Each time we drive along this slender, serpentine, disintegrating rat run we wonder if it will be our last – so rapidly is the tarmac crumbling. Nevertheless, the landscapesContinue reading “The First Foal”

Casting Practice

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT I am happy to say a couple of reasonably quick telephone calls appear to have resolved yesterday’s banking problems. First I phoned NatWest and established thatContinue reading “Casting Practice”


Pausing to admire one of the freshly flowering cherries in the front garden, we took an early morning drive through forest to Eyeworth Pond and back. Sometimes the heathland, after the burning of the gorse, can appear like a Paul Nash landscape. So it was today. As we approached Burley, I spotted a pony appearingContinue reading “Synchronicity”

Rain Stops Planting

SHOULD YOU WISH TO ENLARGE ANY IMAGES, CLICK ON THEM, AND REPEAT IF REQUIRED It was Jackie who was up with the dawn this morning. She was struck by the frost on the Modus whilst the cherry was blooming, as the early sun lit the field behind the oak-lined hedge. The Castle Bench also hadContinue reading “Rain Stops Planting”

‘You Wouldn’t Like To Do That Again, Would You?’

On another warm and sunny day that, once we had got going in the garden, felt like the height of summer, we continued soil preparation. In addition to all her other maintenance tasks Jackie dug in the compost she had laid on the Palm Bed yesterday, and I completed the mulching of the rose garden withContinue reading “‘You Wouldn’t Like To Do That Again, Would You?’”

Cherry Blossom

Today, perhaps thinking cherry blossom had no business blooming in our front garden just six weeks before Christmas, 54 m.p.h. winds strove unsuccessfully to rip the flowers from their ultra-flexible branches. Perhaps it was therefore serendipitous that, among the unsorted negatives from 1983 that I identified and scanned this afternoon, I should have found moreContinue reading “Cherry Blossom”

The Gate Of India

A very straggly flowering cherry tree in the front garden needed Jackie’s heavy pruning last year. It has responded magnificently. A mahonia and more heucheras are blooming, whilst an earlier flowering example of the former that has been allowed to grow into a tree now bears clusters of seeds. Late this afternoon Jackie drove us toContinue reading “The Gate Of India”

Close Encounters Of The Asinine Kind

Although The Needles lighthouse fog warning could still be heard, last night’s mist eventually cleared from Downton to reveal a splendid warm and sunny day, on the morning of which my garden meandering revealed: a forsythia, and, now budding, the azalea transported from Sutherland Place. Cherry blossom can now me seen emerging from the NorthContinue reading “Close Encounters Of The Asinine Kind”

Eric’s Trampling

Even in the restaurant last night, my camera was not safe from Flo’s clutches. Here is a photograph she took of her mother: For those of you who have suggested the obvious Birthday/Christmas present, we bought one for this talented photographer a couple of years ago, but she didn’t bring it with her this time.Continue reading “Eric’s Trampling”