The Official Welcome

It is clear that William Shakespeare was an Englishman if only because of his song, ‘When That I Was And a Little Tiny Boy’ from ‘Twelfth Night’, the refrain of which is: ‘For the rain it raineth every day’. He knew our weather.

Becky and Ian returned home this afternoon, managing safely to negotiate the still disrupted A27.

Afterwards I scanned more slides from Barbados, March 2004.

Sam docking 5.04136Sam docking5.04140

Sam successfully brings his boat into dock.

Sam in dock 5.04137

He sits aboard for a while, preparing himself for his first touch of land for two months.

Sam, Dixie, Ken Crutchlow, Louisa5.04138

Then comes the official welcome of Ken Crutchlow, Secretary of the Ocean Rowing Society, filmed by Dixie,

Before doing anything else Sam was required to report to border control. This involved walking along a narrow quayside to present his passport to a man in a little office. As he was rather wobbly, he needed my assistance to reach this point. It was, of course, a great privilege to be selected to provide such support.

Jessica, Louisa, Sam, Ken Crutchlow and Derrick 5.04146 After this we lined up for group photographs. Here Jessica, Louisa, and I join Sam and Ken.

Jessica, Sam and Louisa5.04151

Before repairing to the bar, Sam caught up with me, his mother and his sister.

Sam 5.04152

Here he is in the beach bar.

Each evening for the rest of our stay, we began with potent rum punches in the main dining area upstairs. After a few of these, Ken would always cry: ‘Samson Knight. Who named that boy?’

This evening there was plenty of last night’s Spice of India takeaway left over to feed Jackie and me. I finished the cabernet sauvignon, and Jackie abstained.




  1. Samson hey? I guess I assumed it was Samuel………. so much for assumptions!! Still, the name kind of fits the young man 🙂 This was quite an achievement young Sam undertook. I can only imagine how proud and relieved you must have been.

  2. Your fantastic post made me holiday-nostalgic 🙂 Speaking about the weather – the meaning of the word ‘water’ is so different whether we speak of the rain or of the boating…

  3. My thought too Cynthia – walking on land, must of taken a bit. He looked to be in great shape, healthy and very happy to have made his goal and see those he loves. So glad you shared this Derrick.

  4. During our visit to London in early June, the rain was kind to us:) I love reading your blogs because they bring alive all those every day happenings, Thanks.

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