Mat and Poppy 1Mat and Poppy 2Mat and Poppy 3Last night Becky forwarded us three photographs entitled Pops, taken by Tess. They are of Poppy sleeping on her Pop’s chest. On waking she seems quite contented. Remaining asleep, so does Mat.

These low resolution images had been e-mailed twice; from Tess to Becky, and from Becky to me. They were consequently heavily pixellated. I chose to de-noise the images at the expense of definition. Naturally, a 6″ x 4″ print of the last one was required to be made for Grannie’s handbag.

I then updated ‘My Branch Of The Family Tree’ with an amended version of Judith’s chart.

Brick path

Jackie cut the grass today, and Aaron completed his refurbishment of The Brick Path.


Among the new blooms is a cluster of white gladioli.

This evening we dined on pizza and Becky’s pasta bake followed by lemon, and jam, tarts. My choice of beverage was Ringwood’s Boondoggle; Jackie’s was Hoegaarden.


  1. Ahhh, it’s amazing how tired the Dads get after this birthing lark, isn’t it? Your granddaughter is looking very bonny and very comfy snuggled up there with her Pop.

  2. She looks very smart (if perhaps a little gassy). Thirty-five years from now, she’ll be Prime Minister. leader of the People’s Party. 🙂

  3. What I thought of was how wonderful it is to be a little girl and wake up hearing the strong heart beat of your father. One never feels quite that safe again. I remember falling asleep on the living room couch and Dad carrying me up the stairs to my bed. I would pretend to be asleep just to make the feeling last longer.

  4. Poppy it is then ! Lovely. She’s so very teeny-tiny. I think she’ll really love the garden too, so many places to play hide-n-seek when she’s able. For now, time to enjoy the first moments in all their wonder. Cheers!

  5. OK Derrick. You joined up so you’d better get ready. What a soft touch showing photos of grandchildren I’ll see yours and raise you a two year old. http://wp.me/p5rgVm-BI
    And seriously, doesn’t being a grandfather change the way you look at life!!!!!!

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