The Unidentified Fir Bed

I began the day by watching a recording of the England v. Australia match in the Rugby World Cup. In case there is any rugby fan in either hemisphere who is yet to watch it, I will say no more.

Jackie working on Unidentified Fir bed

Encouraged by yet another warm, sunny, day, Jackie began work on clearing, and settling down for winter, the bed between the Heligan and Phantom Paths. We will call it The Unidentified Fir Bed, in honour of the large evergreen that enhances it. My contribution was to gather up and shift the debris to the respective compost and combustible heaps; to dig out a tree peony that encroached upon the Heligan Path; and to rake up fallen leaves from the gravel.

Unidentified Fir Bed 1Unidentified Fir Bed 2

In addition to releasing a number of choked plants that had not seen the light of day for a year or two, Jackie discovered another row of large rocks, and a length of perished buried hose from an ancient irrigation system.

Hose in Unidentified Fir Bed

Unidentified Fir Bed 3

This afternoon, deciding to dig over the exposed ground, she found much rubble therein. I, oblivious of this added difficulty, watched TV rugby matches between Argentina and Tonga, and between Ireland and Italy.

Owl on stump

Elsewhere in the garden this morning I had discovered yet another owl perched on a stump,

Grass Patch view

and the aerator acquired from the dump yesterday piercing the grass patch. The pheasant and kiwi didn’t look impressed.


One of Margery’s hollyhocks still stands sentinel to the left of this scene.

Today’s bouquet of roses includes

Rose Laura Ford

Laura Ford,

Rose Festive Jewel

Festive Jewel,

Rose Absolutely Fabulous

and Absolutely Fabulous.

Wall butterfly

Butterflies like this well camouflaged Speckled Wood (thanks to Paul Clarke for pointing out that this is not a Wall Brown)ย have not yet given up,

Bee on bidens

neither have the slurping bees.

This evening we dined on cod in mornay sauceย withย broccoli florets; and crisp carrots, cauliflower and cabbage. We both drank Cimarosa Pedro Jimenez 2014.


  1. I think the unidentified fir bed is a metaphor for how I’m feeling – stomach full of rubble and and old rotting rubber tubing wrapped round my hopes… Boo bloody hoo! I will now have to become Welsh, heaven forbid…

  2. Derrick, you may not wish to get an award nomination but I wanted to let you know that I wrote a post coming out soon with 10 people nominated for a Premios Dardos award.
    As far as this lovely collection of photographs I like the pheasant and the kiwi. With Robin as my name, I have collected feathers, stories about birds, plus a few fine ceramic and porcelain ones. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your photo of a bee with flower does m as ke me think it is “drunk” with nectar. The butterfly is pretty, almost like a moth in coloring but not in body. Interesting added bonuses in every post.
    My favorite flowers are usually “weeds” but yours and Jackie’s are beautiful indeed. My favorite is a peach colored one which I think you called “Fabulous!” I agree.

    1. Many thanks, Reo. I am always honoured to get an award nomination, but I find I can’t satisfy the requirements because of the time taken to produce a daily post and respond to all comments.

  3. Do bees suffer from allergies? Google doesn’t know, so maybe the experts don’t know either. However, I did find out that bees don’t sneeze because they don’t have a nose or nasal passages. Lucky bees. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I do love to see the resident wild life that dots the garden. Good to see the local icon has made it too. I am eyeing up many sculptures and wall hangings for my made over courtyard, so much to choose from nowadays!

  5. The garden is looking great! And it is a very sensible move to be watching the tellie while rubble is being uncovered in the borders ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I am constantly amazed at how every now and then you announce what seems like another ten acre hitherto uncivilized section to your garden of Eden – it seems to go on fir-ever.

  7. Good to know that someone’s working in the garden while the TV’s on ๐Ÿ™‚ I am surprised to know that you have not run out of uncleared corners of garden to rejuvenate. There is no sign of autumn either. Looking great.

  8. I had to go back to check if some of these pictures were of a municipal park or really your backyard garden. Jackie must have a very strong back as I find myself doing most of my gardening bent in half, too, and it kills my back. But, I love it so….

  9. Beautiful photos Derrick – especially the roses (my favourites!). I also agree with Bruce – more and more keeps appearing! Wondrous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Great post as usual, Derrick – we can always count on you. By the way, we had 2 NFL teams play in London on Sunday, do you ever watch American Football?

      1. I thought it might take a while. I know people here fought hard not to like futbol (soccer to us), but now it’s on tv and has quite an audience. Takes time.

  11. Derrick, I just shared your bouquet of garden photographs with my Mom who loved botany in her youth and had great rock gardens throughout my life. She loved the perfect roses and gorgeous arbor, bench light, pheasant and kiwi statues. Such a lovely post! ๐Ÿ™‚ Smiles, Robin

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