Poppy At Twelve Weeks

Timi, that very talented writer of livelytwist has done me the honour of inviting a piece of writing for a current project of hers. In the car on the way to Upper Dicker to visit Matthew, Tess, and Poppy, I jotted down some notes for this.

250px-FrenchToastJackie and I spent a lovely day with the family. Tess was working in the shop, so we waited for a lull in the very busy cafe section, then lunched on gypsy toast; perfectly poached eggs; thick, lean, bacon; mushroom, tomatoes; and chips that our mothers would have been proud of. French, German, or Spanish, and the much more exotic gypsy are all names for what we know as eggy bread. The dish consists of bread soaked in beaten egg and then fried.

We had no need of further sustenance when we arrived back home this evening.

Grannie was proud to push her granddaughter in the pram when we went with Mat for a walk along Coldharbour Road.

Poppy 1

Poppy was awake for most of the time. She is alert and interested, reaching out for such as Jackie’s pearl necklace.

Matthew and Poppy 5Poppy 3

Her favourite sleeping position appeared to be in the crook of her Dad’s arm.

Derrick and Poppy 4

Naturally I had a turn at holding her.


  1. Wow she’s a long baby; bet she’ll be tall like her poppy one day 🙂 I must have been hungry because I first thought you were contributing to a cookbook using currents. hahaha I miss those current cakes I used to get from M&S (don’t remember what they’re called) with a dried fruit filling in a sugary pastry wrap. Yum. We don’t have them here.

  2. Well, that was a fine interlude. Sweet babies do that to us, even when crotchety (speaking for myself)–and your Poppy is such a radiant being! Fortunate parents and grandparents. (I am quite curious about your writing project, too.)

  3. Poppy is to sweet…. It’s always a pleasure to be around kids. They make us forget everything and take us to different world, a world of happiness and positivity. And when the kid is like poppy I must say you must had a very good time.

  4. Look at that little sweet pea! My oh my. Grandpa, you look perfectly relaxed too. I guess you haven’t forgotten how to hold babies after all these years.I do adore her name too, Poppy is just perfect I should think.

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