Early Christmas Lights

Mike, the plumber came today and made excellent progress on fitting the new bath and retiling the guest bathroom.

Jackie continued potting up plants for the cold frames and greenhouses.

I received a positive response from livelytwist, and began the second volume of the garden album bye mounting the sections on Phantom and Helicon Paths.

Today was wet, but the wind had dropped and the temperature still very warm. Raindrops clung to numerous plants, such as

Raindrops on snapdragon


Raindrops on nasturtium leaves

and nasturtiums, which knew very well they should have succumbed limply to cold weather by now;

Raindrops on maple

and the leaves of the red Japanese maple have been transformed into early Christmas lights.

Paprika pork

This evening we dined on Jackie’s perfect pork paprika (‘Don’t ask for a recipe. I haven’t got one’), a special fried rice, followed by bananas sliced into vanilla and caramel ice cream with toffee sauce. Jackie drank sparkling water and I drank more of the Malbec.


  1. Nicely “decorated” red Japanese maple, Derrick. Such a lovely natural beauty! 🙂
    Your meal as always, sounded delicious. I have been sipping Malbec wine, lately, too.
    Hope you are happy with new bathroom; I am sure Jackie will be glad to have it completed. Take care and have a lovely weekend D & J.

  2. Yes, beautiful lights. Also loved Jackie’s response about the recipe. I often cook exactly the same way 😉

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