First Frost

Our first, albeit mild, frost of the season left a few fingermarks on the garden this morning.

Frost on solar light

Despite its leaving specks of icing on the solar lamps with their suitably frosted design, throughout the day we enjoyed enough sunlight, such as that burnishing our remaining beech leaves, for us to be justified in anticipating a little more overnight twinkling. The pond is yet to freeze.

Beech leaves

Frost on nasturtium leaves

The nasturtium leaves that proudly cupped raindrop bubbles bow down in flaccid surrender;

Frost on laurel leaves

and the rhododendrons had second thoughts about budding.

Rose Margaret Merrill

Margaret Merrill remained coolly unperturbed.

This afternoon I placed the Dead End Path section into the garden album, and printed the Oval Path and Elizabeth’s bed selection of photographs.

In order to track down a Chinese takeaway open this Monday evening Jackie was forced into a real hunter gatherer foray. Eventually she lit upon The Happy Wok in Pennington whose windows were themselves lit. We enjoyed the meal with which I drank more of the Bardolino.


  1. Flaccid surrender – Derrick, this is fabulous. And this one as well: Margaret Merrill remained coolly unperturbed. You’re amazing 🙂

  2. Your commentary is a delight, as always, and the photos restful. Especially enjoyed the solar lamp and nasturtium leaves. I have used one of your photos for wallpaper, Derrick–hope that is alright! Gives me a cheery garden even when it is rainy and murky beyond my window!

  3. First snow here today. The last of the apples hanging around now have a winter coat. I love the photo of the lantern. There’s always light, even with the approach of winter, eh?

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