First Frost

Our first, albeit mild, frost of the season left a few fingermarks on the garden this morning. Despite its leaving specks of icing on the solar lamps with their suitably frosted design, throughout the day we enjoyed enough sunlight, such as that burnishing our remaining beech leaves, for us to be justified in anticipating a little more overnight twinkling.Continue reading “First Frost”

Early Christmas Lights

Mike, the plumber came today and made excellent progress on fitting the new bath and retiling the guest bathroom. Jackie continued potting up plants for the cold frames and greenhouses. I received a positive response from livelytwist, and began the second volume of the garden album bye mounting the sections on Phantom and Helicon Paths. Today was wet,Continue reading “Early Christmas Lights”

The Agriframes Arch

After yesterday’s constant rain, a bright morning lent a sparkle to everything in the garden. The Compassion rose was sprinkled with raindrops; as the broad nasturtium leaves that had halted the descent of those of the birch, and petals of verbena bonarensis. This clerodendrum trichotomum had the appearance of a parasol-shaped cocktail stick bearing aContinue reading “The Agriframes Arch”

The Uses Of Enchantment

The gales are back in force. As the wind howled and the rain lashed at our window panes, tearing down the wisteria outside the kitchen door, I felt like a little pig. One of three, that is. Fortunately in a house made of brick. Had it been of straw we would have woken up exposedContinue reading “The Uses Of Enchantment”

The Eye Patch

Jackie’s nasturtium leaves are being eaten by minute caterpillars hatched from little yellow butterfly eggs.  The sneaky parents laying the eggs on the underside reckon without our eagle-eyed head gardener. Yesterday’s bee was harvesting a marigold.  Today’s perched on a sunflower, confirming my suspicion that these creatures are more attracted to yellow flowers than toContinue reading “The Eye Patch”