Becky, Ian and Jackie at Highcliffe Castle

This afternoon Jackie drove us all to Highcliffe Castle. The reason for the hilarity displayed in this picture is that, when debating whether we should pay for parking, I had said that we didn’t have to pay ‘from October until                          some other date’.

Well, I couldn’t remember exactly what.

Becky, Ian, Jackie and Scooby at Highcliffe Castle

Scooby did his best to get lost in the maze.

Highcliffe Castle (Ian)

Ian examined an entrance,

Highcliffe Castle Welcome

at the side of which is a display board telling the story of the building. As usual, clicking on the image for enlargement will make this clearer.

It was a mild enough day for my companions to sample the tea shop refreshments alfresco. As they settled themselves, we met Kate and Toby with their twin baby daughters carried in slings.

Mudeford Spit

I chose to investigate the grounds, from which, through trees, could be seen the sea and Mudeford Spit.

Zig-zag path to Beach

A lengthy zig-zag path led down to the beach.

Walkers (Kate, Toby and twins) on beach 1

On the way down I noticed a couple of walkers as I photographed the shore;

Walkers (Kate, Toby and twins) on beach 2

they seemed worthy of a picture in themselves. Only when I zoomed in on the second image did I recognise the twins and their happy parents. Naturally I parted with another of Becky’s blogging cards.

On my way back up the path I met Ian and Scooby coming down. At the top were the ladies.

Highcliffe Castle at dusk

By dusk the castle lights were lit.

This evening the four of us shared a bottle of Las Primas Gran Familia Airen sauvignon blanc 2014, with our Mr. Pink’s fish and chips.


  1. Reading about the castle I was amazed that someone is presumed to have stolen that large and ornate flower trough – surely it would be instantly recognisable………. That took some muscle and ingenuity!

  2. You have a fascinating way to tell a story, Derrick. And your photos are beautiful. But the one you took it through the trees, with the sea and Mudeford Spit, is fabulous 🙂 All the best for the twins!

  3. I’m sure the twins will appreciate those photographs that you took of the family. I wonder if they’ll be able to visit your blog when they grow up?

  4. 1 What is a blogging card.
    2 Who packs your as a thankyou for always being on my blog.

  5. It was a real pleasure to meet you yesterday and thank you for photographing us on the beach with our girls, Alice & Heidi! I will treasure that photograph. In fact that’s our first family photo since they were out of hospital almost five months ago! I shall certainly be following your blog. All the best 🙂 Kate & Toby

  6. The rolling sand on the beach was typical winter terrain along our Great Lakes here. Did anyone mention there is a simple way to learn our 5 Lakes, Derrick? H O M E S. Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior.
    I love the pattern of the brick cling and the beauty of the castle at night. This was a gorgeous day spent together and I liked hearing about laughter and forgetfulness, Derrick. 🙂

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