Late Afternoon

Trees and shrubsClouds over Barton Common

This afternoon Jackie dropped me in the Barton Common car park as she drove off to the Beachcomber Cafe where I was to meet her, Becky, and Ian, after they had partaken of coffee and cakes whilst I floundered through the mud.


A bridge has now been placed over the stream running through the common,

Footpath waterlogged

where the footpaths are waterlogged,

Footpath muddy

or so muddy as to make me fear that my walking shoes were in danger of being sucked off.

Clouds, sea, puddle

At one point a pool reflected the sunlight over Christchurch Bay.

Bench in scrub

The more open areas are populated with numerous memorial benches.


Before threading my way through the kissing gate leading to the golf course, I encountered a rather soggy group of ponies chomping the grass,


or chewing lichen offΒ the gnarled tree branches. This pony’s collar is reflective and a crucial aid to motorists at night. Although the common is securely fenced, you can never rule out the possibility of these animals finding their way on to the road.

Seascape 1

Once through the gate, I took the footpath alongside the course down to the clifftop.

Clifftop 2

Surfers walkingClifftop 1

More of the footpath has been eroded in the year since my last walk along this way.

Sea and clouds 1Sea and clouds 3Sea and clouds 4Sea and clouds 5

On the final stretch of my journey, I monitored the late afternoon sun peeking through the yellowing clouds.

This evening we dined on Becky’s brilliant beef burgers and weird wedges with garlic and herbs. These burgers are built with layers of salad, mayonnaise, cheese, and pickles. I drank more of the El Solitto, Jackie drank Hoegaarden, Ian drank San Miguel beer, and Becky drank Lyme Bay strawberry wine.


  1. Whilst you’ve been floundered through the mud you took wonderful photos, Derrick πŸ™‚ And your “sun which peeking through the yellowing clouds” is magnificent. I love your photos

  2. Nature is awesome, isn’t it? Even if you’re in danger of being sucked off. (I mean, your shoes being sucked off.) πŸ™‚

    I don’t know how ya’ll live with all those animals roaming around. I have enough problems living with all the dogs (and their poop). And you seem to complain about the animals a lot, which made me wonder if the animals have as much trouble living with human beings? Do they hang around at the stream and complain about the inanity of humans?

    Great sky photos, Sir Derrick. Love all the reflections. πŸ˜€

  3. Wow! Absolutely stunning photos! Moments in time to be savoured by all the senses – one can almost feel, smell and touch the subject and surrounds in your photos. Sensational, sensory sojourns through nature!

  4. While some have cake and tea, others tromp through the mud to get photos. Great pictures, Derrick!

  5. I concur with most of the previous comments – just wonderful photos despite the mud and danger of not only lost shoes but also upside-down Derrick!! Amazing to see those wandering surfers going to or coming back from their waves, so high above the water line. The darkness still amazes me as it was still light here when I headed off to bed to read my book at 10 last night.

    1. It’s a pretty crumbly surface, John. Some areas are better drained than others, and huge rocks have been imported from Scandinavia to do a bit of shoring up. But, I guess athe end of the day you can’t beat nature.

  6. What a very special walk Derrick – love the sky and open spaces. The last of your series of setting sun is a magical bunch of shots.

  7. Barton Common car park and Christchurch Bay hold magic drawn through the lens of your camera. Superb sunset!
    The cliff reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in the newer “Pride and Prejudice” movie where Elizabeth character played by Keira Knightley standing on a cliff overlooking water. There is a time Darcy may have overlooked same cliff in film, but my memory of “who” is there is not as important as the breathtaking view.
    Donald Sutherland is excellent as the father of girls, by the way. The moors’ scenery at the end is rather like the grassy areas you took pictures of, including the surfers, Derrick.

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