If we ever get a winter this year, I wonder how our


iris Unguicularis,

Daffodils and pansies

daffodils and pansies,




and camellias will fare.

On an afternoon of steady rain, the mood was lifted by two elements.


First, the sky cleared enough to give us a reasonable sunset.


Becky tuned in to YouTube and blew our minds.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGU2BBeKaXM?list=PLrRtwIUSeaCH1dVJLFBE48KKShv-VIWI0&w=560&h=315]

Follow the link.

Even if you have only ten minutes to spare. Follow. The link.

If it does not blow yours, you have no soul.

Wikipedia begins its pages on the duo with: ‘2Cellos (stylized 2CELLOS) is a Croatian[2][3] cello duo, consisting of classically trained Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser. Signed to Sony Masterworks since 2011, they released three albums and play mainly instrumental arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs.[4] The duo perform internationally and have been featured on several US TV shows including Glee and The Bachelor (Season 18/Sean and Catherine’s Wedding) [1]

This evening we dined on Jackie’s classic sausage casserole, crisp carrots and Brussels sprouts, and mashed potatoes, followed by spicy apple crumble and cream. My beverage was more of the Sotillo, Jackie’s Hoegaarden. Ian’s San Miguel, and Becky’s rose wine.


  1. I have goosebumps seconds into the video and although I had to stop at one minute 20 seconds I will go back to it when I can give the time to it as it deserves. When it gets too hot to be in the garden. Good to see flowers in yours; we must be grateful for them whenever they choose to appear. I’m sure winter will come to you –remember today when it does. 🙂

  2. Music lightens our mood snd flowers (beauty) sends us soaring, Derrick. Thank you for the link. My grandson is in his second year of playing the bass. He stands in the back of the middle school orchestra and the teacher impresses me with her ability to pull out the best from the kids. One of my favorite composers is Vivaldi. I also like lighter music like pop songs played by concert band. In this vein, my parents enjoyed the Glen Miller band. Blessings for sharing today.

  3. Glad you like the Croatian boys; they are so talented. Nearly as good as your photography skills, innit!

  4. In a cab from the airport on the 30th of December, I noticed there were camellias blooming in some apartment landscaping. We’ve still got roses and the crazy forsythia are popping out in places as well. It’s definitely an odd year! And thanks for the cello link. The tone those two pull out is amazing.

  5. The Iris is a winter flowering Iris and therefore not such a weird apparition, and I did buy the daffodil bulbs to be ‘early’ but not this early! Camellias well they are earlyish but some do flower legitimately in December altho’ I don’t think these did last year. If we don’t get a frost soon my concern is the continued multiplication of the bugs and beasties that are queueing up to eat all of our plants that we are hoping will be wonderful this coming summer. Roll on at least a bit of a winter!

  6. Stunning music – thanks for the intro – have not heard them before! Wow! Beautiful photos of the out-of-season flowers.Even nature seems to be getting confused with its weather patterns! A case of the left hand not talking to the right?! 🙂

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