Afternoon In The Forest

This morning Aaron made a start on decorating the stairs and landing.

Afterwards Becky drove me, Jackie, and Ian to Abbot’s Well at Frogham, where we lunched in The Foresters’ Arms.

This was another comparatively mild day of rather more sunshine than showers, making for constantly changing light. Our accommodating daughter complied with my various requests for photography stops.

Reflections in pools 1Reflections in pool 2

Roger Penny Way runs from Cadnam roundabout to Godshill and beyond. The first stop was to record arboreal reflections in recently formed forest pools.

Ponies reflected in pool 2

Ponies reflected in pool 1Pony reflected in field 1

At Godshill, ponies were reduced to grazing around the edges of more pools that now covered their grass patch.

Landscape 1Landscape 2Tree in landscape 1

Soon after Godshill we turned left and drove up to Abbots Well where we disembarked and wandered around for a while.

Walker in heathland

Other walkers soaked up the landscape.

Ian in landscape

Ian can be seen emerging from the bushes here,

Fungus on tree

where bright yellow fungus was to be found.

We lunched in The Foresters’ Arms, where the already excellent food has gone up several notches in quality since our last visit more than a year ago. My burger stack with quite the best onion rings I have ever tasted, superb chunky chips, coleslaw and salad was plentiful enough to suffice for the day’s sustenance. I drank Wadsworth’s 6X. Ian had the same opinion aboutΒ the same choice of meal, and drank Kronenberg. Jackie also enjoyed her scampi and chips (small appetite size), and Becky her roast beef (kid’s portion). The two ladies shared coffee and coke.

Ponies in field

On our return, on the way down to the ford from the pub, we passed a field containing horses that are not wild. That they were not wearing rugs is a reflection on the mild weather.

Thatched house


On a corner of the road stands a typically thatched house.

Pony 1Pony 2Ponies 1Ponies

This time, when we passed Godshill the ponies were feeding in full sunshine.


  1. Sunlight, shadows, reflections, cloudy skies, beautiful photos, weird-looking fungus, and — have mercy — onion rings, too… what a great way to spend the day. πŸ™‚

  2. I love reflections; two for the price of one πŸ™‚ The tracery of wintry trees gave a sense of season, however mild the day. I want a burger and onion rings even if it’s only seven in the morning.

  3. Such colorful, light-rich images … Everything looks so lush and green!! Do you always have so many beautiful things growing in Winter, there across the pond? Or is it a result of an exceptionally mild season?

    Thanks for the sunshiny pick-me-up today!! πŸ™‚

  4. What a lovely walk thanks to your sharing. The pictures are simply amazing and I really like how you walked us through all of them. Would love to live in such a nice thatched house πŸ™‚

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