Once More Unto The Beach House

Jackie delivered me to New Milton station this morning, for me to travel to Waterloo. A little more than an hour later, she collected me and we collected a waistcoat from Fagan’s and some paint from Milford Supplies.

After watching the messages of the station indicators switching from ‘delayed’ to ‘cancelled’ and back again for the best part of the hour, I postponed my meeting with Norman and joined the queue for refunds forming at the shuttered ticket office while the clerk was enjoying his coffee break. Eventually those of us who wanted it got our money back.

Scooby and crow 1Scoobby and crow 2

After lunch I accompanied Becky and Scooby on a walk at Barton on Sea clifftop. Scooby, as usual, frolicked with other dogs, then wandered along the edge of the cliff, far too close for my comfort, until, pretending he hadn’t heard, he disdained the challenge of a crow to approach nearer.

Shorefield Sales Office

On our way back we passed Ian who had been walking down to surprise us. He joined us in the car and we drove around Shorefield Country Park, then investigated the sales office.

Welcome table

This evening we dined at The Beach House, where the welcome was superb.

JackieIanBecky and IanDerrick

The meal, pretending to be no more than pub food, was good; the ambience and service excellent; the prices very reasonable with no exorbitant mark-up on the wines. My choice of starter was very good whitebait; my main course was a good Cornish pastie; my sweet two scoops of ice cream, one of honeycomb, and the other rum and raisin. I drank an excellent Montepulciano.


  1. Am I missing something, or are Ian and Becky (and Scooby) on an extended holiday with you? I guess these are one of your offspring and wife/husband, but I had no idea that you had “son’s/daughter’s taxi” quite so nearby. I can’t recall hearing a word about them whenever I’ve visited.

      1. A MASSIVELY extended holiday, Paul! And very lovely it was too. p.s. MummyGee and Farge, we got home in under a’hour. x

  2. I was beginning to wonder if we are going to be treated to 36 Views of the Isle of Wight or the crumbling cliff but it seems 36 views of the Beach House is the feature. 🙂

      1. Whoooaa, people! the world’s got enough of an obesity crisis without our Derrick encouraging even the intelligent end of the spectrum to start over-eating 🙂

  3. I like your photos of Scooby-Doo and the crow. I always enjoy seeing different angles of a dining room, Derrick. Your meal sounds delicious but the ice cream flavors are “divine!” Wonderful family photo, you look sharp.

  4. Nice day you have had, Derrick. And the dessert I think it was more than delicious. 🙂 Beautiful way to close a wonderful day.

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