On The Move

Jackie drove me to New Milton For me to catch the train to Waterloo for a lunch date with Norman. The train was 16 minutes late, and the station toilet out of order. The reason for the delay was ‘a line-side fire’. Such was my discomfort that I felt inclined to offer to help extinguish it.

Passengers on Platform

The arrival into Waterloo added five more minutes to the delay, which meant that decanted passengers fairly sped along the platform.

Barriers and passengers

These barriers must be negotiated by passengers wishing to enter or leave the Underground. This is effected by inserting a ticket which may or may not be returned to you. Sometimes they don’t work. This tends to leave customers rather less than gruntled.

Waterloo Road

Outside, in Waterloo Road, buses tried their luck with other road users.

Under the station

Underneath the station a gentleman found enough seclusion to employ his mobile phone.

Running woman

The woman in the centre of this shot was in such a hurry that she had trouble keeping her feet on the ground. (You may wish to enlarge this one).

Waiting to cross

In the barriers around the building works opposite these people waiting for the traffic lights to allow them to cross, can be seen viewing windows.

Building workers

Peering through one revealed this scene, complete with statutory fag sticking to lips.

Photographer and baby in buggy

Across the road, on the paving alongside Emma Cons Gardens, this photographer’s subject was not what it would seem. She  was examining the picture she hd just taken of The Old Vic opposite.

Eating Lunch

On the corner behind the young lady, a gentleman later gave a literal meaning to the expression ‘nose in the trough’.

Reflected posters

This mirror-writing version of the Young Vic posters in The Cut was the result of focussing on a window opposite.

Cyclist outside Evans

A little further along this thoroughfare a cyclist was attending to his steed outside Evans, which is a long-standing supplier of various types.

I normally spend some time over my street shots, but today, because of the transport delays, I was very much on the move, as were most of my subjects.

Norman and I enjoyed a tasty meal at Tas, the Anatolian restaurant in The Cut. My choice was mixed seafood casserole followed by baklava. We shared a bottle of the house red wine.

Jackie collected me at Brockenhurst on my return journey, and drove me home.

I received a text from O2 telling me that my direct debit could not be implemented and asking me to ring my bank who would explain what the problem was. I did so. The bank staff informed me that with a new direct debit the reference number would be changed and that only O2 could implement the debit. The O2 text gave me a number to ring once I had learned the problem. That number was, of course, a machine, giving me only two options, one of which was irrelevant, and the other requiring me to type in my bank details. Just that ‘your bank details’.  This message was repeated. I couldn’t get off it, so I politely stated, into the void, ‘I AM NOT PREPARED TO DO THAT’. I then tried the chat line and got referred back to the text. I said I’d visit an O2 outlet at my own convenience, which might take a while.

The usual survey form ensued.

After my splendid lunch I had no need for further sustenance this evening.


  1. Quite a day there, Derrick! One you might wish to forget soon? You did a great job of catching the woman in mid-stride, she was certainly in a rush for something (maybe the working toilet you were hoping for?) Have a great evening.

  2. I am impressed that you took so many photos while suffering such discomfit! Londoners better watch out for Derrick Knight’s Candid Camera. The air borne woman was a good catch.

  3. Anti gravity is a problem in Waterloo; has been since they started digging the Cross Rail tunnels and punctured the mechanical core setting us free to roam the galaxy

  4. I agree with Pauline…enough already! “A gentleman later gave a literal meaning to the expression ‘nose in the trough'”…great line, Derrick! He must be really hungry. 🙂

  5. With the station toilet out of action, I read the entire posting waiting for the announcement of a rest room discovery. When you wrote towards the end that you would visit an “outlet at my own convenience” I was so “relieved”. Everyone – just everyone – is in a hurry for the same obvious reason.

  6. I love the woman in mid-air–great shot! But the woman checking her picture: did you notice her shoes? Wowsers! Pink and high. I hope your phone company gets some customer service at some point They certainly have none now!

  7. Nice photo with the woman in a hurry, Derrick 🙂
    A hilarious pic – ‘nose in the trough’
    Your beautiful pictures made me laugh.
    I hate when I have only 2 options from a robot.

  8. This is beginning to read like an archetypal battle between man and technology. It’s actually pretty scary. Go get ’em, Derrick!
    You did a great job of capturing everyone in a huge hurry. I love the way you are able to convey something broader than your own experience re. the world around you.

    Do you know this song by the Kinks? I think it’s from the early 1960s.

    People so busy, makes me feel dizzy,
    Taxi light shines so bright.
    As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset
    I am in paradise.

    From Waterloo Sunset

  9. Hi Derrick! What a day! At least your photos helped capture your experiences so we can share them. I’m now so exhausted I have to nap. 🙂
    I enjoyed travelling with you.

  10. As my mother would have put it, that phone company would try the patience of a saint. Love the pictures you took as you hurried down the street. Lots of energy.

  11. A full bladder and a broken toilet clearly do wonders for your descriptive powers, which seemed a little more cutting than usual. They had me in stitches.;-) Good luck with your phone.

  12. Exhausting going though your day Derrick – wonderful street shots. How tired you must be with the phone situation, my patience would have been worn many moons ago.

    1. Thanks, Mary. My biggest problem with the phone company, as I have said to them, is that those organisations are all the same, so there’s no point in moving.

  13. The statutory fag was a funny comment. Here people are still allowed to smoke on the sidewalks, Derrick. The pictures of people are very interesting. It seems like they are wearing clothes from the 70’s. 🙂

  14. Thanks for taking us through your day with images.
    I think I may have to be more careful in future of how I look in public in case someone is doing a similar photographic essay here. 😉

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