I Didn’t Have The Energy

Once the overnight ice had melted on the pools, the day remained bright and sunny, albeit a bit chilly.


By late morning, perhaps drawn by the sunlight reflected off one of the white tiles left as markers by The Head Gardener when she planted crocuses in the cryptomeria Japonica bed last autumn, even a dozy fly had been tempted out of hibernation.

Prunus pissardi

The prunus pissardi is now in full bloom;

Weeping birch bed

and springing into life are such as the Weeping Birch Bed,

Wood anemone and shadow

from which wood anemones cast their shadows onto the Heligan Path.

This afternoon Jackie drove me to O2 in Christchurch to sort out the billing problem. Despite yawning every few minutes, the young man who attended to me was very helpful. He rang the relevant department and handed me his phone to speak to a young lady. Then the fun started. What eventually emerged was that the direct debit that I had signed on 27th February had expired three days later. Don’t ask. I didn’t. This meant there was none in existence. I could start one now, over the phone, but would have to ring them again on 12th to pay my first month’s account. I indicated my displeasure at having to make another call to do this. I was given the option of doing so there and then. Having received confirmation that I had been credited with £10 compensation, I settled the balance in advance. I didn’t have the energy to continue the argument.

After this, Jackie drove us into the forest beyond Brockenhurst, where we turned round and sped for home in time to be there for Aaron who had come in for a short time to put finishing touches to the hall painting before the stair carpet is laid on Wednesday.

Road across moor

On either side of the newly surfaced road through the moors. If they want to cross it they just do.


rounded, healthy, ponies gorged on green grass.

Pony and smoke

One was totally unconcerned by the clouds of smoke billowing behind it.

This evening we dined on Tesco’s chicken breast fillets with bacon, leeks, and cheese; and Jackie’s mashed potato, fried onions, and boiled cauliflower. I drank a very good Chilean merlot given to me by Ian last night. Jackie drank sparkling water.


  1. Such dramatic beauty in that last photo of the big sky with smoke behind the peaceful pony.

    Such a sweet delicate blossom on the prunus pissardi….though its name sounded on the tongue of a speaker of English makes me think of a pissing prune….

  2. What a beautiful garden you have. I really loved all the pictures and the moors are wonderful too. I love how you comment on all the pictures. Glad to note that your O2 situation is somewhat resolved. It’s better than nothing. Enjoy the week ahead

  3. It seems capitulation is the only option in the face of corporate ignorance of who is actually paying …… I wonder what would happen if we all just said ‘No thanks’. I think they also rely on our collective exhaustion. Lovely to see that spring is arriving!

  4. I feel for you re O2; I’m still gathering strength to fight on with the Health Department. I’ve given up for now.

    Your prunus makes me yearn for one. I had to give away my plum tree because it shot up to ten feet in the first season and I don’t have room for giants here.

    Eating well and drinking wine I see – good on you.

  5. You must go back and ask and argue. We are on the edge of our seats and want more! More! More! O2 is like oxygen: we can’t get enough. And your Spring garden is beginning to show the value of last summer/autumn’s hard work.

      1. Again, Ian on my computer not realising he is logged in as me. But I am also glad you liked your Mother’s Day present! And I loved the presents I got from mum and Ian. How confusing. Who are we all?!

  6. I want to weep at the sight of the spring blossoms. Anyway, glad you’re feeling better if not feisty enough to heckle the hell out of the O2 eejits.

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