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Deer in forest – Version 2

Here is yesterday’s camouflaged deer, in the centre of the complete shot. As always. clicking on my images enlarges them. If once is not enough, a second gives a supersize.

Garden 1Garden 2Garden 3

Splendid sunlight lit upon the garden today as, leaving Aaron to his work, we drove to the final coffee morning of the exhibition.

Bench - Ace ReclaimGate reset

Aaron completed the painting of the Ace Reclaim bench and reset the front side gate. The brick will hold it firm until the concrete, which he has tastefully covered with gravel, has set.

Unfortunately, the exhibition was less than successful. Attendance was meagre and no pictures, neither mine nor anyone else’s, were sold, although a number of my cards found buyers. We did however enjoy a pleasant couple of hours with our friends and a few of theirs.

This evening we dined on beefburgers, chips, cauliflower cheese, leeks, and tomatoes. I drank more of the madiran.


  1. Your pictures, not only the deer, but the garden take on a whole new perspective when you click on them! The two of you must be so proud of all of your hard work!!

  2. Sorry to hear about this, Derrick. I am glad you had cards sell but your photography was beautiful. This was too bad. Is there a local independent shop which might not mind selling them for the good cause. . .

  3. So, I was wrong about the deer – I thought I saw a long deer back in the way upper right of the photo. Totally missed this actual deer. Thanks for the answer key. I LOVE the up high views of your garden. And I had no idea that clicking would zoom me in. Very cool. I’m sorry your exhibition adventure did not end with all of the excitement with which it began – but I know the overall experience was one you will treasure.

    1. Thanks, Jodie. You are so right about the experience. I’m always more interested in the activity than any financial outcome. That’s why I consider the pictures I post free for anyone who cares to download them. All I hope for is an acknowledgement.

  4. I suppose that means you have to cut off an ear, if you’re in the Van Gogh category of lifetime’s success? Posterity will vindicate you!

    1. It’s a real shame that all people know of van Gogh is that “he cut his ear off” (in truth, only the lobe, though i guess THAT must have hurt!). If Derrick were to follow the full tabloid trajectory, he’d also have to send his aural body-part to a prostitute, AND go mad, AND shoot himself. I can only foresee one of these possibilities…
      And, naturally, I’m not saying which 🙂

  5. “No sale…” This doesn’t shock me, though I know your prints are quite beautiful and worth buying. There are adjustments to be made in our thinking, in a time when every other person (and his dog) considers himself/herself a photographer… or a writer.

  6. I always feel bad when people don’t sell anything at shows. I’m glad you a least sold some cards. I’m afraid people have less money to spend on art these days but they are always willing to buy reproductions on cards. I think it’s all about the price point.

  7. It was still worth the effort. Besides you were simply doing what you enjoy anyway. I sense that this is just the beginning. As Jackie’s garden matures there’ll be more wonders for you to record. I have no doubt you’ll find the wall space for your pictures and you’ll never need to buy another card again.

  8. So sorry you didn’t any of the photos. Alas, that has been our experience, too. Our cards sell fairly well, but the photos, not so much. How good of you to share your beautiful work on your blog. I’m sure you know you have an avid fan in Maine who always looks forward to a new post with plenty of pictures.

  9. That deer picture is beautiful. It is so wonderful to see a wild animal, to know that they are still around.
    Sorry your photographs didn’t sell well.
    Best wishes!

  10. I am very sad to hear that news, Derrick. I think that today’s people really don’t know to appreciate the beauty of nature. Today it’s all about money, nothing more.
    Hugs for you and Jackie, two beautiful souls <3

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