Mini Marathon Part 2


We began this dull, overcast, day with two trips to the dump with three bags of clippings. Returning with only a towel rack, this was almost a first. (A first would be coming away empty-handed).


After a little clearing up in the garden, by request, I printed a photograph of Jackie’s great-nephew, Billy, that I had made on 18th February, for his maternal grandparents.

This afternoon I continued scanning the mini marathon negatives I had begun yesterday.

Unhappy child 10.83

I think this child wanted to get back into her pushchair. She was happier later, in her chariot.

Runners and Dads 10.83

The toddler who began the race in his Dad’s arms, then progressed to the shoulders, has now found his feet, and is bearing down on No. 2.

Runners and pushchair 10.83

Another pushchair rider brings up the rear of this particular group.

No. 24 10.83

No. 24 is perfectly composed,

Trio 10.83

while No. 22 took uncomfortable advantage of a lift.

No 19 10.83

No. 19 seems to be disrobing, perhaps having adequately warmed up.

Sam, Mat (and Becky) 10.83

Hang on, Sam. You haven’t finished yet.

Dad and runners 10.83

At least one Dad is flagging;

Sam, Becky, Mat and others 10.83

perhaps the cuddly toy is the camel’s straw. Encouraged by his brother and sister, Sam has realised he has another lap to do,

Various groups 10.83

as have a number of others.

Pushchair in the lead

Double buggy 10.83

The flagging Dad has got a second wind;

Grannie steps it out 10.83

and Granny, determined to stay ahead, has got her first.

Refreshments 10.83

Nos. 1 and 2, held onto their respective positions, earning them first refreshment scoff.

This evening we dined on cheese-centred fish cakes, savoury rice, new potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, and baked beans, followed by orange trifle. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I trank Prestige de Calvet Bordeaux 2014.


  1. These are priceless, Derrick! Do you plan to share them with the parents? I would say #24 wins the prize for most determined. He’s on a mission. Thanks for these, they brightened my day.

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