Mini Marathon Rewards


Yesterday evening, apparently of its own accord, our front door opened and in walked a dog.

Not to worry, it was Scooby, soon to be followed by Becky and Ian who had come to stay the night.

Eucalyptus blooms

As we sat around the kitchen table, lowering sunlight played on the eucalyptus blooms.

This morning I cut the grass while Aaron continued with the fencing.

After this, I scanned the last few negatives of the October 1983 mini marathon, featured in the last two posts.

Louisa and boys 10.83

Louisa was quick to join the leaders having first go at the refreshments.

Sam, Mat and Becky 10.83

This time, Sam really had finished his run,

Sam 10.83Sam 10.83 2Sam 10.83 3

and took his turn at the scoff;

Sam and others 10.83

along with all the others, including our stalwart Nos. 1 and 2.

No 24 10.83

No. 24., considered by some readers to be elegant enough to be a potential professional, remained equally composed at the trough.

This afternoon, Becky noticed a considerable amount of pink, with which she produced this symphonic work.

Scooby and carpet 1

Standing on a sitting room carpet

Patio window 1

she glanced through the patio French windows

Drying sheets 1Patio with drying sheets

at the sheets drying on the chairs toning nicely with the flowers and the maple reflecting the velvet curtains.

This evening we all dined at Lal Quilla in Lymington, where we enjoyed our usual warm welcome, efficient service, and excellent food. My main  meal was king prawn naga and chapatis. Three of us drank Kingfisher and Becky drank rosé wine.


  1. I love it that you can enjoy eucalyptus in your garden. Ours will be in bloom in a few months, so I’ll think of you folks then.

  2. This has been a wonderful series. I love that so many participated, despite the lousy looking weather. And I remarked on the number of Dads who got involved. Wouldn’t it be interesting to trace the “where are they now” story, like your own version of the “Seven Up” series. And lovely to see a touch of Australia blooming in your garden. And Becky’s eye for colour too ?

  3. Sam stole my heart this time, Derrick. <3 Louisa was the one who had me wishing I could travel back and read her a story with her special fingers in mouth, a post or two ago. The pink colors did appear quite pleasant and rosy.
    Happy to hear of new company and meal out, always nice and festive to eat out! 🙂

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