The Trail Picked Up Again


Jackie watering

Today was one for Jackie to water her babies, and for me to dead-head the Rose Garden.


We have many dahlias enhancing various beds;

Palm Bed

and rudbeckia, canna lilies, Japanese anemones, and buddleia blending in the Palm Bed.

This afternoon we hit the Hordle Scarecrow Trail once more.

Scarecrow 1

Entry No. 1, at 9, Longfield Road, is a commendable Junior effort.  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is embellished by the Cheshire Cat in the window.

Scarecrow 2

A number of Individual competitors have chosen to portray ‘Rapunzel’. No. 2 at 33 Longfield Field road has set the heroine in her castle prison, with her hair trailing along the shrubbery;

Scarecrow 10.1Scarecrow 10.2

at 8, Myrtle Close, entry number 10, she resembles a lengthy caterpillar snaking along the top of the fence;

Scarecrow 7

No.7, at Rose Cottage, Woodcock Lane is an imaginative junior entry. The castle has been incorporated, and the eponymous character hangs out of the window.

Scarecrow 4

‘Three Little Pigs’, No.4, at 152 Everton Road tells the story to which I referred in ‘The Uses of Enchantment’.

Scarecrow 5

There are two ‘Pinocchio’s. 3, White Barn Crescent houses entry number 5;

Scarecrow 6

no.6 at 3, Mallard Close, also features Jiminy Cricket. This excellent piece of work was an Anglo-Canadian collaboration, in that the creator’s Canadian grandchildren had a big hand in the operation. Making Pinocchio a puppet on strings is a splendid touch.

Scarecrow 9.1Scarecrow 9.2

‘The Wizard of Oz’ at 62, Everton Road, entry number nine, is interactive. Not content with  three-dimensional references to L. Frank Baum’s story, Robert Gill has provided a witch on the gatepost. If you dare to press the button you will get a scare.

Scarecrow 8.1

You could easily miss parts of entry number 8 at Beehive Cottage, 86B Everton Road. Firstly, why ‘Crow White’? Surely she is ‘Snow White’? Not if she’s a scarecrow, she isn’t.

Scarecrow 8.2

Then, she bemoans lack of help with the housework.

Scarecrow 8.4

If you look up to the bedroom window you will see the wicked stepmother reflected in her mirror;

Scarecrow 8.3

but unless you investigate the Land Rover parked in front of the garage, you won’t see the ugly old woman into whom she was transformed, with the poisoned apple on the dashboard. It was useful to have my Driver’s extra pair of eyes to take in all this.

Scarecrow 12

Looking decidedly out of her element was ‘The Little Mermaid’, the Hordle W.I. entry number 12.

This evening we dined on roast beef, new potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and green beans, with scrumptious gravy. I finished the Fleurie, and Jackie drank Hoegaarden.


  1. Your excellent photography, and the two pair of eyes at work on spotting duty, have ensured another morning enjoying the labours of the good people of Hordle. The creativity is wonderful to see and the small details included also make viewing such an enjoyable experience! I have perused most happily over my early morning coffee thank you Derrick 🙂

  2. Amazing entries Derrick – but I must say The Little Mermaid does scare me a little bit. Excellent photos, thank you for sharing – happy day to you. 🙂

  3. I love it that Jackie has two pairs of glasses on her head – this is constantly happening to me as well. When I think there was a time when I could actually see without them…:-)

      1. Perhaps you need another pair to check that…
        I’m tempted to say “Should’ve… ” (but a certain populist opticians reportedly has trademarked it).

  4. The Wizard of Oz is a winner; the story actually has a man of straw in it. The wolf in the Three Little Pigs is suitably scary. I also like Crow White’s words. Over all, these entrants are better than the last two lots, I think.

  5. I love the pic of crow white- beautiful lighting and lovely looking cottage. I think the crow white effort is the best in the series, although the slickness of the effort makes me want to pick a more rustic effort as my winner- so lets say pinocchio for gold, crow white for silver and an encouraging bronze for the poor mermaid. Gorgeous dahlias too! And i had poor connectivity yesterday ao did mention how beautiful your lilies are. Right, I think im done now! Have a nice evening 😊

    1. That beautiful looking cottage that has staged the ‘Crow White’ entry, was only completed this year, it is brand new and with a thatched roof. I love that the new owners have thrown themselves into the spirit of the Hordle contest with such gusto!

      1. THE Jackie- chef extraodinare and head gardener replying?!? Hi! Yeah, great that they’re already so engaged in their community. Well done on your beautiful garden and the incredible treats you prepare so often! 😊

  6. What creativity and attention to detail–and I assume fun for the makers. I like the three little pigs, Pinocchio and Jiminy, snow white and goodness the little horse hanging in the witch’s mirror with his little mane standing up in terror. These are something! As is your garden. I admire anyone who can grow dahlias…

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