Maybe Next Year

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A CLUSTER TO ACCESS ITS GALLERY, ANY MEMBER OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT. It was very crowded this afternoon in Milford Church Hall. Flowers and Produce were on display at the annual show. For £1 each we were admittedContinue reading “Maybe Next Year”


CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED As the wind has dropped and the temperature soared, we now enter into a heatwave. The recovery work in the garden is under way. Clearing fallen branches, staking up plants, watering, and dead-heading were the order of the day. Jackie staked up the nicotiana in the PalmContinue reading “Recovery”

The Trail Picked Up Again

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today was one for Jackie to water her babies, and for me to dead-head the Rose Garden. We have many dahlias enhancing various beds; and rudbeckia, canna lilies, Japanese anemones, and buddleia blending in the Palm Bed. This afternoon we hit the Hordle Scarecrow Trail once more. EntryContinue reading “The Trail Picked Up Again”

A Cricket Lesson

So many readers of yesterday’s post have expressed horror, disbelief, or dismay, that I may have missed the most incredibly dramatic first day of a Test  Match that the world has ever seen, or is ever likely to, that I have to say that I did watch the highlights on Channel 5 + 1, afterContinue reading “A Cricket Lesson”

A Cracking Match

This morning’s task was to dig a pit I had chickened out of last night. This was for the lace-cap hydrangea alongside the orange shed. Beneath about two inches of poor soil lay an impacted heap of rubble. With pick-axe, fork, and spade, I managed to get through what we hope is enough of itContinue reading “A Cracking Match”


I began the day with a wander round the garden in the morning light. Jackie has been steadily working away at the creation of her open air gardener’s shed. This is what it looks like at the moment: As she walked under the weeping birch she came alongside the growing log pile that I willContinue reading “Bags”

Where Did That Come From?

This morning I delved into the archives of black and white negatives. Firstly, I made three more prints for Norman, of his photographs for the book he is working on. He had not been happy with the first versions of these; two he considered too dark; and in one I had undeniably snipped the sternContinue reading “Where Did That Come From?”

Britain’s Leading Ladies

Jackie delivered me to Southampton Parkway in plenty of time for the Waterloo train for my visits to my London friends; and the service was subject to delay because of electrical supply problems.  I therefore occupied myself with an idle amble. Readers will know that I am a Victor Meldrew when it comes to grammarContinue reading “Britain’s Leading Ladies”

‘Put Your Money Down There’

As usual for a London trip, Jackie drove me to Southampton Parkway where I boarded a train for Waterloo.  I then travelled by tube to Paddington and walked to Safe Store at Paddington Green to buy ten more storage boxes for another book-packing session at Sutherland Place. Walking through Paddington Basin I reflected on theContinue reading “‘Put Your Money Down There’”