Birthday Girl


Today’s rainy day post begins with this morning’s scanning of some 1983 and 1984 black and white negatives.

In ‘Across One Bridge And Under Another’ I published a colour photograph of Matthew on the bank of The River Thames at Putney with his driftwood find. This was towards the end of 1983. Here are some more of that trip:

Putney Bridges 1983

The railway bridge can be seen behind the road one,

Bus on Putney Bridge 1983

across which still runs the number 14 bus taking in Putney Heath, Fulham, South Kensington, Piccadilly Circus and Warren Street Station. 24 hour service.

Matthew 1983

Matthew was in his element digging around in the bank of the Thames at low tide.

Matthew and Sam 1983

Here he is with Sam in tow,

Matthew and Sam and stranger 1983

taking a pause to discuss finds with another mudlark.

Exposure of this film was completed at the beginning of 1984, on the occasion of friend Tony’s marriage to Liz.

Greengrocer 1984

Outside the venue in, I think, Chelmsford, was a thriving greengrocer’s,

Greengrocer's 1984

haunted by the ghost of Sigmund Freud.

Given that today is Becky’s birthday, it is perhaps fitting that she features in the next few frames, including

Becky 1984 1Becky 1984 2

two in the car park,

Becky 1984 3Becky 1984 4

and two preparing for the reception.

My next task was to make Jackie a set of 5″ x 7″ prints of the photographs from Poppy’s last visit.

This evening, to celebrate Becky’s birthday, we dined with her and Ian at Dynasty in Brockenhurst. My choice of main meal was king prawn Ceylon and special fried rice. Jackie and I shared an egg paratha and we all shared onion bahjis. Becky drank red wine, and the rest of us, Kingfisher.


  1. Happy Birthday, dear Becky! 🙂
    Becky reminds me of a good friend of mine, from back in the day of my pre-teen years. Her name was Karen W. She had an outgoing personality along with high intellect.
    I love your Becky and Ian’s Poppy. Those will be treasured photographs!
    The train bridge behind the other one is an amazing shot, Derrick. I also like the fact you were able to get the bus on the bridge.

      1. Oops, not so good at following even though you sent me back in time before to read the family tree, Derrick. Thanks for straightening me out! 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful post and photos ~ how could this not be a perfect day! The B&W created a great mood, and of course what a great way to end it all with best wishes to Becky.

  3. These are nice shots — particularly the latter four showing Becky. The photos feel very natural and unforced, not at all like the hostage shots I usually get when I try to photograph my own kids. I don’t know your daughter, of course, but something of her personality seems to shine through in them. Many happy returns to her.

  4. “…taking a pause to discuss finds with another mudlark.”

    “…haunted by the ghost of Sigmund Freud.”

    These were my favorites, and especially the first probably because I can relate.

      1. I did like it. Thanks, Derrick. I am impressed by the finds, too. I figure around here, all I’d find would be aluminum beer cans and plastic water bottles. Not much use in that, unless you wanted to collect them to take to the recycling spot for a few pennies.

  5. I think it is amazing that from the time these photographs were made is a relatively short time; and, yet, they look quaint. The weighing scale at the green grocers seems like a thing from a much more distant past.

  6. Happy Birthday, dear Becky! I love the bridge and other water scenes in black and white. I really liked the sweet memories of father and son enjoying time together, (in the past).
    I hope you and Jackie are well and happy today. 🙂

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