As the wind has dropped and the temperature soared, we now enter into a heatwave.

The recovery work in the garden is under way. Clearing fallen branches, staking up plants, watering, and dead-heading were the order of the day.

Palm Bed

Jackie staked up the nicotiana in the Palm Bed for the third time;

Hanging baskets and Palm Bed

Hanging baskets

Hanging basket

it can be seen through hanging baskets settled back in place,

Gazebo Path

but no longer bends across the Gazebo Path.

Pedestal planter

Standing planters have beenΒ set up again.

View from Phantom Path across lawn

I have now dead-headed theΒ phlox in the foreground of this view from the Phantom Path, but not yet cut the grass.


Fortunately most begonias did not suffer from wind burn.

This evening we dined on meaty beef burgers, crisp chips, a variety of baked beans, and lashings of fried onions, followed by zesty lemon tart and cream. Jackie drank fruit juice whilst I imbibed Moreland brewery’s Old Crafty Hen.


  1. You can see it’s taken a bit of a beating Derrick – but I’m sure a few days of sun and good watering and the tender ministrations of the head Gardener – and of course your good self – will have life fully restored.

  2. Yes the wind played havock didn’t it Derrick.. Luckily we knew it was coming and tied up the dahlias in the allotments or they may well have snapped over.. Loved your photos and good luck with the tidy up… The hanging baskets took a bashing too. xxx
    Wishing you a great week and yes this Sunny spell is nice again xxx

  3. I noticed a lot of work and your writing described part of it. I may have missed this, but did anything break, Derrick?
    I liked the zesty looking begonias and noticed a lot of bright red flowers! So pretty and eye-catching!
    On Saturday late afternoon, a tornado touched down about 10 miles north of us. Three of my grandies and a friend Linda, and I crammed together in my windowless bathroom! The alarms sounded for about a half hour and finally we heard it stop. Whew!

  4. Oh Derrick, you have got a lot of damage. I am away at the moment and have no idea what the weather looks like. Best of luck with recovery works.

  5. You bring such beauty to us here through these lovely pictures.. I am a nature lover and I love all sort of plants and flowers.. I hope you don’t have to struggle too much with the weather.. Stay blessed Derrick!

  6. So disheartening to be going through this cycle of storm damage again, and I guess the Head Gardener will be relieved to see it slowly get back in shape. This gardening lark calls for a lot of patience and perseverance.

  7. I’ve read that the nicotiana flowers attract a lot of insects which gardeners want off of their vegetable plants. The flowers have a sticky interior, right? Have you noticed a lot of bugs stuck on them? Or maybe I have the wrong plant in mind?

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